MCPRO (XCIII) Pills: Containers, Brexit, NVIDIA and ARM

Containers, their deployment both in the cloud and in the local data center and their orchestration through different platforms, has become one of the most interesting technologies in recent years. We are talking to you about these platforms, which may be the most suitable for your project, this week, recommending no less than five great alternatives.

Thus we begin a new episode of our MCPRO Pills, in which we also tell you how because of Brexit, the United Kingdom could have lost one of its greatest technological investment opportunities: Intel’s new semiconductor factory.

Without leaving British soil, we also realize how the NVIDIA-ARM soap opera is still far from over and that taking into account the suspicions that the EC is giving to give the final approval to the purchase, the American company is doing the impossible to ensure that ARM will remain as it has been until now, in a field of total neutrality. We started!

How do you manage your containers? The best platforms so you don’t get choked

The use of containers has radically changed the way all kinds of applications are developed, deployed and managed. The adoption of hybrid approaches by companies, the need for agile developments and to be able to react quickly by delivering new features to users have skyrocketed its popularity. These are the best platforms.

The new security challenges in web applications and APIs

The digitization processes of any modern company are not limited to computerizing certain protocols and workflows, but they reinvent the input, processing and output channels of data.

They are largely based on information exchanges through web and mobile applications with customers and suppliers. As more and more interactions are digitized, the surface of exposure to attacks of all kinds and the number and scale of the challenges faced by those responsible for the digital area also increases.

Brexit is costing the UK expensive: Intel no longer values ​​the possible construction of a semiconductor plant

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger commented in a recent interview that due to Brexit, the chip giant no longer considers the UK as a possible location to open a chip factory, bad news confirming that our island neighbor del norte did not make the right decision when it chose to leave the union.

Acer introduces new ConceptD laptops for creators and SpatialLabs technology

The Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition has been the most outstanding professional team of those presented by the Taiwanese firm in its global event Next @ Acer 2021, where we have also been able to know its novelties for consumption, gaming desktops, laptops with Windows 11, Chromebooks and peripherals for home entertainment.

It also announced the update of the SpatialLabs application to take advantage of artificial intelligence to automatically convert and display 2D content in stereoscopic 3D.

Silvia Lazcano, Head of Technologies at Airbus: “We must invest in innovative structural projects of new, disruptive and dual technologies”

Silvia Lazcano has a doctorate in chemical sciences with a master’s degree in Polymeric Materials and more than 40 years of career behind her. After researching 7 years at the CSIC, he became part of what is now Airbus.

He has developed different technical roles with participation in structural design teams for different products of the company with 5 patents to his credit and has acquired important transnational responsibilities in specific engineering areas.

Discover how to migrate your databases to the cloud in a private and secure way

For more and more companies, privacy and control over their data has become one of the main obstacles when adopting modern solutions in the cloud.

And it is that although on many occasions they are willing to benefit from the advantages that moving workloads to the public cloud can offer, the different business, legislative or regulatory requirements prevent them from fully adopting that technology.

NVIDIA Wants ARM: Willing to Offer Concessions to Get the Go-ahead from Europe

NVIDIA’s purchase of ARM has been stuck for some time due to the reluctance that this has generated not only among the main giants of the sector, but also before the European Commission. This entity is, in the end, the one that will have the last word when deciding whether to give the green light to the operation.

To clear up its reluctance, NVIDIA has ensured that, if it is done with the British company, it will keep it as a technology provider, under the license model, totally neutral.

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