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Twitter is not going through its best moment and that has become more acute with Meta Threads Submission. let’s comment everything we know about the new social network Not yet available in Europe.

Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which brings together Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (that’s nothing), has not wanted to miss the opportunity to want to get rid of one of its archenemies on the network, Twitter.

Rivals since its inception, Facebook and Twitterin their race to dominate the “social network” on the Internet, have taken different paths, but the balance of popularity has always been on the side of Twitteras a result of the privacy problems that Facebook has always been plagued by.

The microblogging network has always been the favorite of the media to get the opinions and comments of different public personalities, their possible comments on Facebook or Instagram being in the background. Hence, Threads de Meta has seen the light.

But the battle is not only being fought in cyberspace. Mark and Elon, following the latter’s comments about the former’s new network, have decided to put on some gloves and fight a battle with their own fists sometime in 2024. A whole media event that smacks of a promotional campaign for both tycoons.

The arrival of Elon Musk, not for the fall of Twitter

Rivers of ink have been written since it was known that Twitter was having bad financial times and Elon Musk decided to bid for it and acquire itfor the not inconsiderable figure of 44 billion dollars, a dizzying number for any mortal, but not for the richest man on the planet at that time, owner of Tesla, Space X and co-founder of OpenAI.

However, his arrival has not just revived Twitter, and their decisions regarding the network do not seem to please those who until now were staunch “twitterers” (without going any further with the ups and downs with TweetDeck). Since acquiring it, Musk has been trying to make the purchase profitable and that happens by paying certain services that were previously free and limiting others depending on whether they are paying to use Twitter or not.

But this war in which Twitter is immersed, with disgruntled users at all hours, is only experienced in the US, which considers Musk’s movement more political than anything else, with many users who have launched to try alternatives to the microblogging network, like Mastodon or Bluesky, but without much success.

Meta Threads, the “threads” of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, was still not happy despite the fact that Facebook has almost 3,000 million active users, and Instagram and WhatsApp also have 2,000 million users each. The daily global impact that Twitter has with many fewer millions of users is remarkable and palpable. Twitter makes anything go viral and that translates into publicity.

So neither short nor lazy, Mark announced Threads, a clone of Twitter, but inspired by Instagram, and in fact that is how it is presented, Threads by Instagram. Its start-up was announced for July 6 but since the same July 3, by surprise, it was already operationalexcept in Europe. According to what is said, the privacy restrictions of the European Union have slowed down the premiere in this area, for the moment.

In a matter of 60 minutes it already had a million users, something brutal if we compare it with Instagram, which needed two months to reach that figure or, for example, with Twitter itself, which needed two years to reach a million (they were other times). But Threads, it has not stopped there, it reached 10 million at 7 hours of life and in a week it has already exceeded the figure of 100 million users.

A new chapter opens in the history of social networks. This new app, built by the Instagram team, allows users to share updates in text and join public conversations. But, how does Threads work and what makes it different from other social media apps?

Meta Threads

What is Threads and how does it work?

Threads allow users to share text updates and join public conversations. The app is designed to be a more intimate and personal communication tool than Instagram, allowing users to share updates with a select group of close friends.

Users can start sharing text updates and join public conversations. The app also allows users to share photos and videos, as well as send direct messages to friends.

In this Meta Threads may remind you of… Twitter. Indeed. The basis of what we do is the same as what we know as “tweeting”.

Threads Features and Functions

Right now, Threads is in diapers And you can see it. Above you can see what Mark Zuckerberg’s profile looks like right now. It is not a minimalist design, it is that right now Threads is the idea without plugins of what it should be.

It does not have hashtag support, something that Facebook and Instagram (imported from Twitter) do have, but it does not have options such as direct messages between users or GIF support. Are updates to be expected later but they are not confirmed either.

At the moment, users have the possibility to import their Instagram accounts or not to Threads. If they import them from Instagram, they will automatically follow the same users who have a Threads account.

Right now everything is a bit chaotic, as in any beginning, and it is supposed that it will be corrected over time. When you enter Threads, there is not a feed or wall where only the “threads” of people you follow appear, but rather random posts from people you do not know or follow. Something that has thrown back more than one.

Unlike Twitter, Threads lets us post 500 charactersgetting closer to Mastodon in this regard, and in the future it is said that even both networks could interact.

Differences between Threads and Instagram

Be careful, differences between Threads and Instagram, not Twitter, otherwise we make it complicated. Although Threads is also a Meta app, is designed to be a more intimate and personal tool than Instagram, at least it seems so. While Instagram focuses on sharing photos and videos (reels) with a broad audience, with illustration being its main message, Threads is designed to share messages and updates with a select group of close friends.

Another major difference between Threads and Instagram is the ability to join public conversations. While Instagram is focused on sharing content with a broad audience, Threads allows users to connect with people around the world who share similar interests.

When will it be available in Europe and in Spain?

Well there is no specific date. It all depends on whether Meta is in a hurry to comply with all the privacy requirements that the European Union claims for “its users” by technology platforms. And not to breach them, as it seems that Facebook always ends up doing.

The EU ruling that this past May sanctioned Facebook to pay 1,200 million euros for transferring data of European citizens to US servers is still kicking. That is perhaps why, Meta its launch in Europe is being taken more relaxeduntil you meet the requirements.

Meta Threads: The Future of Social Media?

There is nothing in Threads, in my view, that make it special over other social networks, nor that it innovates with respect to Twitter. Time will tell if people support Threads as their future outlet or continue to keep Twitter alive despite Elon Musk’s decisions, good or bad.

What we can see is the torpedo launched by Mark Zuckerberg at the waterline of Twitter, a Mark who, having a Twitter account, had not posted anything since January 18, 2012 and who posted the meme the day Threads was born of the Spiderman pointing at each other, in clear mockery. From that moment the crossover of statements by Elon and Mark began, which has triggered the invitation to a public physical fight between them.

Threads, way to go

In summary, We still cannot say that Threads de Meta is the revolution in social networks that can be expected. It only comes to try to position itself on a site, that of microblogging, which has a Twitter in low hours.

As always, and despite already having more than 100 million users, the success or misfortune of a social network is being able to take almost all the users from some other site, since being able to communicate or having the facility to communicate With all the people with whom you already established a relationship on another social network, it is usually difficult to avoid missing anything.

It is useless to have a social network with another approach or other potential communication tools if we do not have access to the people with whom we normally interact. So Threads de Meta still has a long way to go.

Threads is definitely an app you should try as soon as it’s available., so that you have your own impressions and can tell us in the comments if it will replace Twitter at some point or if it will stay by the wayside like other social networks. ohnever stop trying!

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