iOS 17 and its three most striking novelties

Many rumors and many leaks about what the new iPhone operating system will be until Apple, in its Keynote, announced what iOS 17 will be. The truth is that it is not the most revolutionary version, but it does not need it either, which is why in this post we are going to tell you the three novelties that have most caught our attention. Keep reading and don’t miss it

What’s new in iOS 17 for the iPhone

When Apple holds a Developers Conference, the operating system that always generates the most interest is obviously that of the iPhone, that is, iOS 17 this time. On this occasion we cannot state that what Apple has introduced is a revolution, but it is certainly much better than what was initially expected, in which everything indicated that Apple was going to focus on improving the performance and stability of the system, offering a fairly light update in terms of visual and functional innovations. That, as we say, has not been the case in the end, and then we want to tell you about the three most interesting news.

The always-on display is something Apple is putting a focus on, allowing users to keep the iPhone a useful tool even when you’re not touching it. Well, with iOS 17 comes what Apple has called stand by, a function that will allow users to take advantage of the iPhone even when it is charging and in a horizontal position. The always-on screen will allow that when the iPhone is in that state, it will display information related to the time, calendar, temperature and a multitude of options that the Cupertino company will make available to users so that they can customize this screen of Stand By to your liking.

The second novelty that we want to highlight comes in the form of a native application, and it is journal. It is true that this novelty had been leaked previously, but it is not without weight, since in the end it is a new Apple application that reaches all iPhone models compatible with iOS 17. As its own name indicates, it is an app to keep a diary, in it you can express your feelings, emotions and tell yourself what has happened in your day. Furthermore, thanks to the synchronization with the rest of the native apps, it will be really easy to be able to vitaminize all your words with photos or videos. However, the most outstanding point is that this app will also serve so that your iPhone, in a totally secure and private way, can alert you in the event that your continuous state of mind could lead to some type of mental health problem, giving you options or recommendations to solve it.

Finally, Apple with iOS 17 has created NameDrop, which is a contact card that each user can personalize and share with other people simply by physically putting their iPhone together. It is a really interesting way to share your personal data or contact information with other people, leaving aside the typical physical cards that we see so much on a day-to-day basis.

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