Microsoft 365 will finally fix its biggest flaw in 2023

Even today, it can be very complicated, or at least annoying to update your Microsoft 365 suite, because the operation slows down the PC enormously and sometimes forces it to restart. Fortunately, the Redmond firm has announced that it is working on a solution, which should arrive in June.

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If Microsoft 365, formerly Office, has acquired such a level of popularity, it is because the suite knows how to meet the needs of its users. The latter is constantly renewing itself, offering new features to make life easier for its followers while keeping its own identity intact. Yet after years of iterations and refinements, there is a particularly annoying problem that has never gone away.

Those who regularly work on Microsoft 265 know it well: it is necessary, as far as possible, to plan in advance when to perform an update, otherwise you will find yourself almost unable to work. Indeed, installing a new version of an application is often synonymous with significant slowdowns and untimely restarts – sometimes before being able to save, for the unluckiest.

Microsoft’s updates will soon be much less intrusive

It will therefore have taken several years for Microsoft to finally tackle the problem. In its roadmap for the year 2023, the Redmond company announces the arrival of a new feature that will finally allowperform updates without shutting down your PC. This solution will take the form of a new tool, baptized by the “maintenance window”.

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Concretely, this window will take care of all the operations of updates and bug fixes background, all without interfering with the operation of the application. In addition, the utility will be able to determine periods of high usage of the suite, and will therefore take care of the necessary operations outside these lasts, in order to go as unnoticed as possible.

Blessed bread for all users, who will therefore be able to continue their work without major disruption. Microsoft estimates that this functionality will be available during the month of June 2023.

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