Microsoft is already testing new features in WSA

One of the most interesting new arrivals with Windows 11 is, without a doubt, Android app compatibility. The Windows Subsystem for Android, which inherits much of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, avoids the use of specific emulation and virtualization tools, or screen mirroring solutions to bring to Windows, allowing transparent use of them on the system host operative.

It is not a secret that Microsoft is very interested in strengthening the relationship between Windows 11 and Android, to the point that Android 12 has debuted earlier in Windows 11 than in many smartphones that were still waiting for it, in addition to continuing to constantly polish this integration. A deal, as I mentioned before, quite similar to the one WSL is getting, in what seems like a bet by Redmond to turn Windows 11 into the operating system that contains most of the others.

In this sense, Microsoft has just announced a new version of the Windows subsystem for Android that is going to start rolling out to all insiders in the United States. The most interesting thing, obviously in addition to the novelties included in it, is that this new version of WSA will reach the three channels, remember that they are the following:

  • development channel: Ideal for very technical users. Be the first to access the latest builds of Windows 11 earlier in the development cycle and with the latest code. There will be some problems and low stability.
  • Beta channel (recommended): Ideal for early adopters. These builds of Windows 11 will be more reliable than builds from our development channel with updates validated by Microsoft. Your comments have the most impact here.
  • Release Preview Channel: Ideal if you want to preview certain key features and fixes, plus get optional access to the next version of Windows 10 before it’s generally available to everyone. This channel is also recommended for business users.

Thus, the fact that the debut occurs in all three would indicate that the arrival of this new version of WSA in the stable version of Windows 11 should not be delayed much, otherwise it would not be in the preview channel. In other words, it seems quite feasible that it will debut simultaneously with Windows 11 22H2, especially if, as we told you a few days ago, its arrival is brought forward to September.

And what new features are included in that update? well this time it seems that Microsoft has wanted to put the focus on games:

  • Support for games with joysticks (assigned to WASD)
  • Support for games with gamepad
  • Support for aiming in games with arrow keys
  • Support for swipe in games with arrow keys

In addition to this, the new version of WSA for Windows 11 also includes improvements in the scroll function, in the management of the Internet connection, in the graphics, reliability fixes, a new option to view/save diagnostic data in the settings app of the Windows subsystem for Android, security updates, and an improved dialog when an unsupported VPN is detected, among others.

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