More color and silence with Sharkoon SilentStorm PC fans

International PC component supplier Sharkoon has been trying to shake off that “cheap manufacturer” stereotype for some time now, greatly improving both the quality and performance of its devices. Now they have just presented their new fans high-performance for PCs, Sharkoon SilentStormavailable in 120 and 140mm sizes, with RGB lighting and an excellent ratio performance / noise. Let’s see what they offer us next.

Generally, and except for the most gourmet fans, ordinary users do not give too much importance to the fans that they mount on their PC. However, the reality is that not only the airflow or the internal aesthetics of the equipment depends on them to a large extent, but also the sound level, since no matter how good the fans are, if they make too much noise, they will eventually cause the experience of using the PC is ruined.

Sharkoon SilentStorm, with PWM control and 120/140 mm

Thanks to its PWM control (which allows the motherboard to control the rotation speed of the fans based on the temperature of the processor), the speed of these Sharkoon SilentStorm fans is controlled automatically to offer maximum performance when the computer is running. you need it. Its maximum speed is 1,400 revolutions per minute, which allows -in the case of the 140 mm model- to generate an air flow of up to 121.9 cubic meters per hour (93.6 m3/h in the case of the 120 mm), thus ensuring optimal airflow in any type of case and for any situation.

As we said, thanks to the fact that they are PWM fans, these Sharkoon SilentStorm will not make any noise when the computer is at rest, something that is always appreciated. Still, due to the use of fluid dynamic bearings, both fan models are fairly quiet even at maximum performance, with the SilentStorm 120 only putting out 20 decibels at most, versus up to 35 dBA from the 140mm model.

On the other hand, many RGB-lit fans on the market simply have some LED lights that add a touch of color to the system, but in this case, Sharkoon has implemented a controller to make the RGB lighting directly customizable using the RGB software from the motherboard: they are compatible with all software from major manufacturers, such as Aura Sync from ASUS or Mystic Light from MSI for example. To ensure this compatibility, the fans can be connected to the RGB (5V) headers on the motherboard.

Finally, it remains to mention the fact that Sharkoon has integrated rubber inserts in all the corners of the fans, so that noise will be reduced thanks to the fact that these inserts help reduce vibrations. In addition, these inserts are available in white and gray so that the user can adapt the aesthetics of the fan to that of the rest of the components in his case.

Price and availability

For the moment, the Sharkoon SilentStorm 120 PWM It is now available both on the manufacturer’s website and in the brand’s main network of stores and distributors at a recommended retail price of €10.99 per unit, while the model Silent Storm 140 PWM is also available now at a suggested retail price of €12.99 per unit. In this case, Sharkoon does not seem to be offering “packs” with several fans at a lower price.

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