Drift DZ75, review: an ideal gaming table for tight budgets


Drift DZ75 Features and Specifications

Drift DZ75
DriftSize DZ75100 (+13) cm x 60 cm x 75 cm
DriftMaterial DZ75Wood, Metal, Plastic
DriftWeight DZ7512.5 Kg
DriftMaximum weight supported DZ75Up to 100 kg
DriftAccessories DZ75-Cup holder
-Helmet holder
XL mouse pad

The Drift DZ75 table it is a table designed, above all, to give us the best stability. This table is made of very high quality premium materials and offers us a solid structure on which to place a team of up to 100KG without problems. The board is constructed of carbon fiber laminate, and the steel chassis to give us the best possible stability, even in the most intense gaming sessions.

Of the gaming tables that Drift offers us, this is the smallest. It has some dimensions of 100 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm, so we can place it anywhere without any problem. If you need more space, it has an optional panel that allows us to extend its length up to 113 cm. The board has a High-quality XL mouse pad 80 cm x 30 cm, a very resistant mat that, in addition, we can wash to keep it always ready. The total weight of the table is 12.5 Kg.

As extras, we can highlight that this table includes a helmet holder that will allow us to place our headphones when we are not using them, as well as a cup holder to place our drink and not be in danger while we are immersed in the game.

The assembly of this table is very simple, and in just 4 steps we can have it ready. In addition, the legs are adjustable, so we can place them as we want in order to better adapt it to the space we need.

External analysis: How does the table come?

The Drift DZ75 table comes in a rigid cardboard box. The truth is that this box is not very bulky (one meter wide, what the board measures), but it is quite heavy. It is recommended to move it with a second person. On the front of the box we can see a photo of the table in question, while on the back we will find its dimensions, to get an idea of ​​how it will be once assembled.

Inside this box we will find another cardboard packaging inside. Inside, the first thing we will see will be the tabletop. This is well protected, especially the corners, which is the first thing that is usually damaged by any blow.

Drift DZ75 - Review 3

We will also find the assembly instructions, two stickers, the tools and the necessary hardware to assemble the table.

As for the table chassis parts, the first thing we will see, being the largest, are the legs. We will also find the stringers that we will use to join both legs. And two brackets with which we will fix its position and prevent the chassis from moving.

We will also find the cup holder, and the support to hang the helmets.

Drift DZ75 - Review 9

Finally, in a separate bag, we will find the extenders for the sides of the table. These extenders are made of plastic, so they are not intended to put a lot of weight on them. But they can be useful, for example, to place the PC speakers. In addition, they include accessories to hold them and that they do not fall, and even a pencil holder.

Drift DZ75 - Review 10

There is not much else inside the packaging itself. In addition, all the space is used to perfection, something that is appreciated in this type of accessories, since, given its volume, it is usually difficult to transport and a relatively large room is needed for assembly.

Assembling the Drift DZ75 table

The truth is that the assembly is not excessively complicated, although given the volume and weight it is recommended to do it in the company of a second person. In any case, in our case we have done it alone, so it is possible, in case we do not have anyone to turn to.

The first thing we will need will be the two legs and the stringers.

Drift DZ75 - Review 11

We place the two legs vertically (they do not support themselves, we need a support wall, at least, for one of them), and we will place the stringers joining them as indicated in the instructions. We fasten each stringer to the leg with a screw on each side, and voila. For this we will only need 4 large screws, without nuts.

Drift DZ75 - Review 12

We must also place the squares so that the table structure remains stable. For these squares, what we must take are two large screws, and a nut, for each square.

Drift DZ75 - Review 13

Now, the next step will be to place the board. To do this, what we must do is place it face down on the ground, with the holes facing up. The groove in the board indicates the back of the table (where we can pass the cables), so we must place it as is most comfortable for us.

Drift DZ75 - Review 14

Next, we place the structure on the board. We must make sure that the flat legs (those that go down perpendicularly, without an angle) are placed towards the back of the table. We place the table so that the holes in the board coincide with those in the table structure. We recommend that, if we place the board on the table, we use some type of cloth or protector on the floor to prevent it from scratching or scratching. In this step what we are going to need are the small screws.

Drift DZ75 - Review 15

Now we begin to tighten the screws. In total, 20 screws that we must tighten little by little so that the structure is properly assembled. We recommend that you not start tightening the screws as much as possible from the beginning, but introduce them, give them all a couple of turns, and, when everything fits, start tightening in the X direction. This way we will ensure that the board does not move, the screws are perfectly fitted, reducing the risk of cracking the board.

Drift DZ75 - Review 16

When we finish with this assembly, the next step will be to place the cup holder and the headphone holder. To do this, we simply place them where we want (coinciding with the available holes) and fasten them with the same screws as the tabletop.

We can also take advantage of the fact that the table is upside down to place the plastic pieces at the ends, which will allow us to easily expand the size of the table.

Drift DZ75 - Review 21

And finally, the feet of the table. We simply place these on the legs and tighten them by turning them until they are fully inserted. It is not recommended to leave them half-tight to gain only a few inches in height, as it can be dangerous.

Drift DZ75 - Review 20

Now we just have to go around the table (again we recommend the help of a second person) and that’s it. We clean the dust, place the mat and we will have our Drift DZ75 ready to give everything.

Conclusion, a gaming table to match?

Gaming tables, in general, are quite expensive accessories. And that makes them not available to many. However, Drift has opted for a table of a more than acceptable quality suitable for all budgets. The Drift DZ75 is a relatively small table (compared to other models, which can be 20% or 30% larger). It also doesn’t have some unnecessary features, like RGB lighting, as the manufacturer has focused on lowering the price of the product without sacrificing any quality.

Drift DZ75 - Review 22

We are facing a 1 meter long table, a size more than enough for any type of PC that we want to assemble. The same is true that if we have a very wide tower, and we want to place an ultra-panoramic monitor, the space will be between fair and insufficient. But for most users, this meter (and the additional 13 cm) is more than enough. The assembly is not complicated, although it is true that tightening the 20 screws on the board has been very heavy.

Drift DZ75 - Review 24

The helmet holder is, of course, one of the most interesting “extras” that we can find. The cup holder, on the other hand, we think is too big, as I don’t know which drinks will hold the Drift tables, but all kinds of cans and bottles are too baggy. Also, the height is quite small, so a careless nudge or bump will have a tragic ending.

Drift DZ75 - Review 25

The fact of including the mat is also an extra that is appreciated. This mat is large enough to place the keyboard and mouse of our PC and not damage the surface over time. It could have been wider, or covered the entire surface of the table. But, for a table of 100 euros, it is more than enough.

For all this, we have decided to give the table Drift DZ75 our award of gold, highlighting, above all, its price quality.


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