More news: goodbye to Skype and IE, new expansion of the Age and the background of Windows 365

The goodbye of two programs: Skype and Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been Microsoft’s browser for many years. It has even been, in the era of Windows XP, the one with the largest market share. However, times change, and this browser has not been able to adapt to these changes, which led to its disappearance.

Internet Explorer has less and less prominence within Windows. With Windows 11 it won’t even come installed by default. But not only that, but more and more companies are beginning to block it on their servers. Microsoft itself has already blocked IE on its services, such as Office. And now it has been Amazon who has taken a new step. As of July 31, Amazon does not guarantee that AWS services will work properly in this browser. Later this year, it will start showing messages to users who try to access its services with IE. And finally, within a year (July 31, 2022) all connections with Internet Explorer will be blocked directly.

Windows 98 Internet Explorer

And there is another service that has already breathed its last: Skype. But not the version that we all know, but Skype for Business Online, the business chat solution for companies and organizations. Since July 31 of this year, this service is no longer available, being replaced by Microsoft Teams. Could the Skype we know now from the new Teams chats disappear in the future? We will soon know.

The long-awaited expansion comes to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

While Microsoft works on Age of Empires 4, the new installment in the series, the company has been remastering the first three installments, along with their DLC, and selling them through major app stores. In addition, these new Definitive Editions feature exclusive content never seen before.

After AoE DE II received its DLC, Lords of the west, now it’s the turn of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. The new expansion has been available for a few hours The African Royals. In it we will travel to the heart of Africa, to explore an unprecedented continent, and meet two new civilizations and their kingdoms, the Ethiopians and the Hausa.

This expansion is now available to all users both on Steam and in the Microsoft Store. And its price is 9.99 euros. Free for Game Pass users.

Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals
Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals

Developer: Forgotten Empires

Download the Windows 365 background

Windows 365, Microsoft’s new operating system as a service, is already a reality. We can rent a computer in the cloud from $ 24 a month, although its benefits are rather limited. But, of all that it offers us, one of the things that has caught our attention the most is the background.

The truth is that Microsoft has not broken its head when it comes to choosing the default background. You have literally taken the background of Windows 10 2018, and applied some changes to it. The result is this.

windows 365 background

And, if you like it, from here you can download it at the highest quality to use it on your PC.

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