Must-Have Dishwasher Parts Every Homeowner Should Know About

A dishwasher is an innovative appliance with features that save time and energy. These include soil sensors that adjust cycle times and water use to reduce consumption.

This OEM gray dishwasher lower dishrack wheel assembly replaces a worn part to ensure that the rack slides in and out of the dishwasher easily. It’s compatible with many different models of dishwashers.

Water Pump

The water pump ejects wastewater during the wash and drain cycles. Food debris often accumulates down by the drain opening and can clog. Clogged drains decrease energy efficiency and cause the dishwasher to struggle to clean dishes.

If you notice standing water in the bottom of your dishwasher after a cycle, listen to the machine during the wash and drain cycles for unusual sounds like humming or clicking. These may indicate a defective drain solenoid valve, motor, or drain hose.

It carries genuine manufacturer dishwasher drain pumps, drain solenoid valves, and parts for Samsung dishwashers. Some recommend you unplug the machine, shut off the water feed, and remove any screws anchoring it to the cabinet.

Wash Impeller

The wash impeller is the dishwasher component responsible for forcing water into and out of your dishwasher tub during the fill, wash, and drain cycles. It helps to power the spray arms that blast water throughout your dishwasher, blasting away food particles from dishes.

The dishwasher check valve is located in the outlet water path and works to prevent water from returning to the drain pump after it has been pumped out of the dishwasher. It consists of a flexible piece of plastic or rubber that seals against a lip in the outlet water hose.

The drain and wash impeller kit replaces a damaged dishwasher part that helps move water during the gutter and wash cycle. The role includes the wash impeller, chopper, and installation screw.

Drain Pump

The dishwasher drain pump is a two-stage pump in one: It pumps water from the drain line and recirculates it back into the wash tub. Depending on the model, the float switch signals the pump to turn off once the water level reaches a certain amount.

Most basement homes require a drain pump to handle their washing machines and other greywater appliances because these devices sit lower than the waste pipe, making it impossible for gravity to work. Home warranty plans often cover the costs of these basement appliances, helping homeowners keep their repair and replacement expenses down.

The most common cause of a broken drain pump is foreign object blockage in the pump or filter. Check both of these to see if any objects have been trapped.

Check Valve

A check valve may seem like an insignificant part, but it’s a vital one that prevents water from flowing backward into the dishwasher. It uses a spring-loaded ball that opens when water flows through and closes when the flow is interrupted.

These little valves are found in many appliances, and they’re even used in sewage systems. They’re also crucial for energy savings since they keep your dishwasher from draining hot water back into the supply line when it’s not in use.

To test your check valve, disconnect the dishwasher from power and water sources, remove the lower access panel, and use an ohmmeter to test for continuity on the valve’s motor terminals. If the pump motor does not have electrical continuity, it’s time to replace the valve.

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