Myths about light consumption

If you want save on electricity billIt is important that you know that there are many methods to do it. Beyond choosing a better rate, you can also take into account some daily actions to reduce consumption. Now, sometimes we think that something we do is going to save a lot of electricity, but we are really putting aside things that can make an important change. We talk about it in this article.

Things that do not save so much on the electricity bill

To reduce the electricity bill, something essential is to lower consumption. But of course, not all the devices we have at home are going to spend the same. For this reason, it is important to know what we are doing well and what we are not doing and it could help to a great extent to spend less money.

Turn off or use fewer light bulbs

This is possibly the most common. We think that by turning off light bulbs or even having fewer on we are going to save something important on the electricity bill. It is true that anything we connect will consume, but a light bulb does not represent a really notable expense on the bill.

If you take into account that the current led bulbs they have a really low consumption, the fact of trying to turn them off whenever you leave the room even for half a minute is not going to mean much. It’s not going to make a notable change.

Disconnect devices such as the router

neither is unplug some devices which are usually on. A clear example is the router, which can go weeks and months without turning off. Do we save on the bill if we turn off the router at night? Although you are going to save something, it really is an invaluable amount and it does not mean much.

On the other hand, having to turn the router back on, wait for the Wi-Fi network to be available and you can connect devices, it can mean something in your day to day. Even if it is only the loss of time, it is no longer worth trying to disconnect this type of device from the current.

Turn the heat or air on and off

This error is also common. It must be said that logically heating or air conditioning will consume a lot of electricity. In fact, they are one of the devices that spend the most. But think that what it means to turn off the heat or air a few minutes, for example. The room or home will quickly lose temperature.

If you’re only leaving the house for a few minutes and decide to turn off the heat or air to save, think again. You will most likely consume more electricity by having to recover the temperature once you get home. It does not compensate, unless you are going to be away for a long time logically.

Save on the electricity bill

Disconnect chargers or power strips

Another point that we want to show is the fact that disconnect things from the current. For example chargers or power strips. It is true that the sum of all this is what is known as phantom consumption and it can indeed represent a part of the bill month by month. However, they are devices that are going to consume really little.

The fact of disconnecting a charger from the current or being aware of removing a power strip that you have stopped using, will not contribute much to saving electricity at home.

Use old equipment with less power

In this case it is something that we must analyze very carefully. We must start from the premise that a old team It will consume more electricity than a new one. You can apply this to a refrigerator, an oven, a television… There are people who tend to believe that if they buy a more modern air conditioner, with more power and that cools more and better, it will consume more than their old air conditioner from years ago. more than a decade.

It is quite the opposite, and it is that buying a modern device in most cases will mean savings compared to old equipment, even though the latter have less power. Therefore, if you hesitate to buy current devices or keep the old ones, try to acquire modern devices, with greater energy efficiency.

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