new price increase for Livebox fiber subscriptions

Bad news for Orange fiber subscribers. The French incumbent operator has carried out a wave of price increases for its Livebox offers, for the second time this year.

We are barely entering the second quarter of 2023, but Orange has just announced the second increase of the year on its fiber Internet subscriptions. As a reminder, in February, fiber subscriptions had already increased by €1 to €2 in the first year. Today, it is new subscribers who are affected by a new wave of increases in its Livebox offers.

In question, the inflationary context. The operator had warned in December 2022 that he had to face a ” significant increase in [ses] operating costs, particularly of the energy that powers [ses] mobile networks and the Internet “, And therefore now passes on these increases to the prices of its fixed Internet subscriptions.

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A new increase on Livebox offers

With the new price increases, the Livebox offer (500 Mbits) thus increases to €24.99/month for 12 months then €42.99/month, an increase of €1 in the first and second year. The Livebox Up subscription (2 Gbits/s shared) also increases by €1 to reach €32.99/month for 1 year then €50.99/month. As for the Livebox Max (2 Gbits/s, WiFi 6E), it undergoes the same increase of €1, to reach €37.99/month the first year then €55.99/month.

Same observation at the low-price subsidiary of Orange, Sosh, whose Sosh Fiber Box offer sees its price increase by 1 euro, rising to €20.99 per month the first year then to €30.99/month. The increase is identical on ADSL, but this time you have no price increase the second year, the price remaining at €20.99 per month.

Orange is following in the footsteps of its competitors who have also increased their prices in recent months to cope with inflation. The incumbent operator has not contented itself with increasing its fiber rates, since its mobile packages have also just increased by €2. For Sosh mobile subscribers, for example, the increase is “only” €1 per additional month.

If you do not want to pay full price, we advise you to change operator once the 12-month commitment period is over, that is to say before starting the second year. If you don’t know which operator to turn to next, you can always read our comparison of the best fiber offers of 2023.

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