Nintendo’s amusement park grows thanks to Donkey Kong

The jungle of Donkey Kong is coming to Nintendo’s park

Nintendo has announced that it has begun the expansion processes of its amusement park in Japan, and for this it will inaugurate a new thematic area inspired by the world of Donkey Kong. This new area will count as a star attraction with a roller coaster, being able to also find interactive experiences and the classic merchandising and food that will flood the many establishments in the area.

The arrival of Donkey Kong was something that had been rumored for a long time, since in the current park a door with the logo of the gorilla saga had appeared. This finding raised the suspicions of the most curious visitors, and some pointed out that it could be a new thematic area in which to see another of the great Nintendo characters, which had been absent since the park’s inauguration.

Improving the size of the park

Super Nintendo World Ticket

If there was something that many of the visitors missed in the park, it was its extension. The Super Nintendo World doesn’t seem like a particularly large park, and that causes visitors to be quite crowded. It is a problem that has become more noticeable in times of pandemic, so an expansion could help soften capacity. To be exact, the new zone will increase the size of the park by 70%, as confirmed by Nintendo itself, so the addition is more than significant.

The problem is that Nintendo will not be able to enlarge its world much more. The land available in the Universal Studios area is more than used, and there is no free land other than the areas of water in which Osaka Bay advances. For this reason, it will be very difficult to see a new expansion in the future, unless they take over the rights to other adjoining land or move the car parks to another remote location.

When can you visit the park?

Currently the Super Nintendo World is open to the public, so you can visit Mario’s world without problems. The only thing we will have to wait for is the world of Donkey Kong, which will not be ready. until 2024, at which point the mysterious door will open to expand the domains of the Mushroom Kingdom.

That said, if you want to fully enjoy the park experience, you’d better plan your trip for 2024, as that is when you can fully enjoy all the surprises that Nintendo has in store for us for then.

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