Not deleting your emails is a very bad idea, these are the reasons

We use email for everything nowadays. It is the means with which we communicate at work, studies, when we have to make a query to a company… It is even what allows us to register on many Internet platforms. However, there is something that you should keep in mind: there are emails that can be dangerous. Therefore, we are going to tell you why it is not a good idea to leave emailsor at least many of them, without deleting in your inbox.

Keep in mind that you can have emails of all kinds. There will be personal, work, with information from a record, attachments that you have sent… Not all are the same and not all will be a danger, logically, but in many cases you will have to take certain precautionary measures to avoid have problems.

Reasons to delete emails

As you will see, there are different reasons that can make you decide delete your emails. At least, you will see that there are some that you should not keep. Mainly, security and privacy are going to be the two most important factors that you are going to take into account to avoid having problems.

future attacks

One reason to delete emails, especially those that may be important or sensitive, is because hypothetical future attacks. They could steal your account, get your password for some reason, and all that you have stored, be exposed. Maybe it can even affect third parties, a company, etc.

Therefore, one of the reasons is to reduce the risk in case you suffer a computer attack in the future and an intruder manages to break into your account. Maintaining security is always important, and precisely preventing them from accessing the email account is essential.

you forget an account

Something similar is that stop using an account. Maybe you have an email address where you store important emails, but for some reason you create a new address and that old one is forgotten a bit. Nothing could happen, but it could also be an entry point for attackers.

We can put ourselves in the negative case. You have left an email account unused, forgotten, and for some reason a vulnerability appears or the password is stolen. You are not aware of it, but there is some intruder that is entering and seeing all your emails. Perhaps they are e-mails from many years ago, but they contain important personal data and information.

Undeleted malicious mail

Receiving a malicious email is something relatively common. We talk about Phishing, For example. also of a email spam that may contain some dangerous file, that potentially poses a risk to your system and can be used for someone to enter your account without your permission.

Our advice is that you delete any mail of this type that you receive. It is a mistake to leave it there, in the inbox. What can happen? If you don’t open it, nothing will happen. The problem is if, in the future and by mistake, you mistakenly open another stored email and click where you shouldn’t, download an attachment that you don’t remember was dangerous, etc.

Confidential information ending up in the wrong hands

Another reason is to delete emails that may have confidential information and end up in the wrong hands. Especially, this should be applied to emails that you share with another person, such as that of a company. You never know who may access that email in the future.

If you want to preserve confidential information and avoid problems, something interesting is to avoid storing this type of email. At least, do not keep those who may have personal data that affects other people or compromises the security of that company.

In short, as you can see, these are some of the reasons why you should delete emails from your inbox. It does not mean that you necessarily always have it empty, but it does mean that you at least eliminate what you would not like to end up in the wrong hands in the future, either by your mistake or for any other reason. Likewise, you should always avoid spam.

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