NVIDIA leak points to a new Nintendo Switch

As a result of the cyberattack and the great leak in which NVIDIA has been involved, it seems that some files related to what it could be a new generation of the SoC he developed for the Nintendo Switch.

This has been highlighted by TechPowerUp, who have been compiling a list of leaked files and some of the references found by some well-known leakers to highlight the appearance of a folder called NVN2in apparent reference to a second generation of the NVNDLSS driver, made up of various files such as “nvndlss.cpp”, “nvn_dlss.cpp” and “nvn_dlss_backend.h”; as well as various files that appear to reference the T239 (identified as Dane/Black Knight internally by NVIDIA), an 8nm chip that seems very likely to be designed for the long-awaited Nintendo Switch Pro, and based on Ampere, could even add support for ray tracing and DLSS 2.2 technology.

And it is that previously there was speculation about a possible Nintendo Switch with DLSS 2.0, since currently the console lacks the necessary capabilities and hardware to offer a true graphic improvement beyond the change offered by the Nintendo Switch OLED.

NVIDIA NVN2 Nintendo Switch Pro SoC

However, as always, it should be noted that at the moment everything we are dealing with here, although undoubtedly promising, it is still unofficial information, so we still cannot ensure the arrival of this console with complete certainty. That said, despite the update brought about by the arrival of the Switch OLED, the original model already has more than 4 years behind ithaving fallen behind the last generation of Sony and Microsoft.

And it is that we can’t stop getting excited given the possibility of the arrival of a possible new console that would once again open Nintendo to competition, especially with the incorporation of these technologies in the face of some of the titles already expected and in development, such as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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