Offer on Windows and Office licenses for 11.11

We have already entered the month of November and do you know what that means? Indeed, we are in the month of Black Friday but first comes the 11.11 promotionand at CDKeySales they want to celebrate it, as always, offering you the best price on their Windows and Office digital licenseswhich you can now get with discounts of up to 91%. Do you want to know how? We tell you everything below.

The sale and purchase of digital software licenses, as in this case, is completely legal, since this was ruled by the European Court of Justice in 2012 after defining digital licenses with the same validity as physical products. This online store buys large quantities of OEM licenses, reactivates them and sells them again, a fact that allows them to have such low prices, and everything completely legal (so don’t worry about anything, otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it).

Windows and Office on sale with coupon HZ35

Whatever you need, in this online store you can buy the licenses you want with an additional 35% discount on the price that appears if you use the discount code HZ35. If you add that they are already cheap in themselves to this additional discount, you can buy your original licenses with up to 91% discount compared to buying them from the manufacturer, don’t miss it!

For example, here are some licenses you can buy for the Windows operating system, with the price you will pay already calculated using the coupon:

If you need Microsoft Office, you also have several options (note, all licenses are forever except Office 365, as it is pay-per-use and in this case the license is valid for one year).

Obviously, if you want both Windows and Office you can buy a pack and save a little more.

And if you need other types of applications such as SQL Server or Visual Studio, you can also buy them here at a reduced price.


As we have mentioned before, you can only get these prices if you use the discount coupon HZ35 during the purchasing process. To do this, add the licenses you want (without limit) to your shopping cart, click on it and you will see that at the bottom left there is a box in which you can write.

Discount HZ35

That’s where you should put HZ35 and click Apply for the discount to be applied. After that, you can continue with the purchase process as normal (we recommend paying using PayPal because it is instant and very secure for you) and in a few minutes you will receive your licenses both by email and on your store customer page.

Buy cdkeysales

How to activate Windows with this license

If you have taken advantage of the offer to purchase a Windows 10 license, as soon as you receive it you can use it to activate your operating system. To do this, click on Start and then on Settings (the gear icon). In the window that opens, navigate to Update and security and then click Activation, where you will see towards the middle of the window that says “Change license key”. Click on it and a window like this will appear.

Activate Windows 10

That’s where you need to paste or type the Windows digital license code you purchased. Click on Next when you have done so and your PC will connect to the Microsoft servers to validate that the license is original, and in a few seconds your PC will be activated forever.

Windows 10 activated

Also remember that with these original licenses you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

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