Office at €14.13/PC and Windows 10 at a mini price: find out how to take advantage of these cheap licenses

At Keysfan, you can enjoy amazing discounts on many Microsoft software. For example, you can benefit from a Microsoft Office lifetime license for €14.13 per PC. Find out how to get Windows 10 or Microsoft Office at a bargain price below.

Office 2021 package is definitely one of the most used office applications in the world. Compared to previous versions, this one offers substantial improvements and it is difficult to do without them today. Among all the new features of the Office 2021 package, we note for example the appearance of Microsoft Teams. And in addition to the new features, the software still retains the same appearance as previous versions. There is thus no problem of familiarization. You will know how to use Office 2021 as you used a previous version.

Note, however, that although very useful, Office 2021 is not within the reach of all budgets and it is not necessarily a cheap purchase. From the official Microsoft website, the Office 2021 Pro version indeed costs several hundred euros for a lifetime license. Most consumers then prefer to turn to a slightly less expensive alternative: Microsoft 365. The services included are however different…

In this context, the new offers Keysfan will make many happy. On the site, the latest Office 2021 Pro is available for only €27.36. And if you need more than one license, you can save even more by purchasing, for example, an Office 2021 Professional 5 license pack in which one license costs only €14.13 per PC.

Keysfan also offers special promotions on the Windows operating system. And if your PC configuration does not meet Windows 11 requirements, Windows 10 may be the best choice. This version is always updated by Microsoft and thus gives you the most stable experience for only 6.49€ at Keysfan.

Windows and Office at low prices at Keysfan

By visiting Keysfan, you can take advantage of the offers below:

Although Windows and Microsoft Office are fundamental software for the use of a PC, certain computer tools are also useful for a complete functioning of your computer. System management, virus protection, security, data transfer, etc. Keysfan also offers a variety of software to meet all your needs. You can take advantage of the following offers:

Promo codes for even lower prices

With the code SKF62, you can take advantage of -62% on the following offers:

With the code SKF50, you can enjoy -50% discount on the Windows offers below:

Keysfan also offers a rich software catalog with for example Mac Tools, Mobile Tools, System Tools, AD Blocking, Antivirus & Security, Ahampoo series, IOBIT series, etc:

The online ordering process with secure payment

Order at Keysfan can’t be easier and simpler. Simply select the key you are interested in and pay for your purchase. Within 24 hours, you will receive your license key by email.

1st step : After adding the product to your cart, confirm that the price and product are correct and click “Proceed To Checkout”.

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2nd stage : you can choose to register an account or directly register the email address on which you wish to receive your software. Then select a payment method. You have the choice between PayPal, debit or credit card. Finally finalize the payment.

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Why choose Keysfan?

Keysfan will be the best choice of your day for several reasons!

  • Minimum prices : all versions of Office and Windows are at a low price!
  • Legal licenses : You can download the software directly from Microsoft official website, then use the activation code to activate the software. The license is 100% authentic and legal. Keyfan also offers a guarantee for each license sold.
  • 24/7 customer service : when you buy a license from Keysfan, you have access to support. Whether it is for the installation or the use of your software, the Keysfan after-sales service is there to answer your question every day and all day long via the email address
  • Security : Keysfan is a very safe software selling platform. You just need to buy a software activation key from Keysfan then download it from the software official website and finally activate it with the activation code. The software you use is therefore 100% safe and authentic!
  • A good reputation : With its high quality products and excellent after-sales service, Keysfan enjoys a favorable rate of 95% on Trustpilot with over 700 reviews posted by real verified buyers.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Keysfan.

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