Office or Google Drive: what works better on a PC with little RAM?

In the same way that happens with a multimedia player, an internet browser, or an antivirus, most of us use an office suite on our PC. We have several options to choose from today, as is the case with google drive or the popular Microsoft Office.

Both proposals that we are commenting on are made up of a series of applications that will be of enormous help to us in this type of task. In this way we will have a powerful text editor, a spreadsheet program, or another to create our own multimedia presentations. We could say that this type of applications in particular have become key in both end-user and professional environments. In addition, to all this, we can add that the majority of students require a software solution of these characteristics.

At this point we could say that perhaps the most well-known and used proposal of this type throughout the world is that of Microsoft, Office. However, this proposal has a serious drawback compared to others that are also very widespread. Here we refer to office suites such as Libre Office or the aforementioned Google Drive. And it is necessary to take into account that Office is paid, contrary to what happens with the other two mentioned. It is true that then the most common and used, but not everyone is willing to pay for its use, at least today.

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On the other hand, we find its operation or installation, which can also be found at a disadvantage on certain occasions compared to its competitors. In fact, on some occasions, especially if we have a somewhat old PC limited in terms of hardware, we could ask ourselves which proposal consumes less RAM memory.

Which suite to use on an old PC, Office or Google Drive

In this case we are going to focus on Microsoft Office and Google Drive to find an answer to this question. The first thing we must bear in mind is that the programs that we install on the computer belonging to Office are becoming more complete and powerful. This is largely given by the innumerable functions that we find here. But of course, despite its potential, all of this has the drawback that it consumes a greater amount of PC resources each time.

In addition, this consumption of resources, specifically in RAM memory, becomes more important if we open several programs simultaneously. Whether they are your own Microsoft office suite, or other third-party applications, the need to use RAM multiplies. However, on the other hand, we find the aforementioned proposal that Google offers us with Drive. And it is that in addition to not having any cost, as we mentioned before, this suite presents us with another important advantage.

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With this, what we want to tell you is that Drive works in the cloud, so to make use of its programs we don’t need to install anything on the PC. It is enough that we have a Google account to be able to benefit from the advantages and functions of this office suite. Also, by working remotely, the resources and therefore necessary RAM memory, will be much less. This means that if we have a somewhat limited equipment in terms of specifications, Google’s proposal will work better.

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