The PS5 is now cheaper to manufacture, although it is sold more expensive

A few days ago we commented that Sony could launch a console with an external disc player next year. Before this happens, the company has physically upgraded the PS5 to make it more efficient. As reported, Sony has released a new version of the PS5 with a much more efficient chip.

The PS5, and also the Xbox Series X, are based on semi-custom processors from AMD. These chips are not the same, Microsoft’s console is technically more powerful than Sony’s. They also use different technologies when it comes to storage, for example.

Sony manages to improve the PS5

Apparently Sony has updated the SoC of its console for a more efficient one. This new chip is the AMD Oberon Plus which is manufactured in a 6nm process, which would have better consumption. Something that has been discovered after opening a console and seeing that the motherboard and heatsink are more compact.

Therefore, it seems that Sony has started to distribute this new ps5, much more efficient. We do not know at this time where it can be purchased, since the console is physically the same as the previous ones.

The new console has the code of identification CFI-1202. As verified, the new PS5 with this identifier weighs about 500 grams less than the previous model. All this has been possible thanks to the reduced cooling system and the new motherboard.

chip oberon ps5

We have passed the amd oberon chip based on the process of 7nmwe have passed to Oberon Plus based on the process of 6nm. Only the process changes, the number of cores has not been increased or the performance of the integrated graphics has not been improved.

Thanks to this process improvement, the size of the chip has been reduced by almost 20%. In addition, with this improvement it has been possible to reduce the consumption between 20-30 Wwhich is great.

Who else benefited from this is Sony, which sees its costs reduced. By reducing the size of the motherboard and heatsinks, according to Angstronomics, they have Reduced cost by 12%.

Additionally, reducing the size of the chip means increasing production capacity. It is estimated that with this new 6nm node, which allows reduce in a 20% chip size, It can increase production of chips per wafer in up to 50%. This should bring manufacturing costs down even further.

Interestingly, they recently raised the price of the console

We must bear in mind that the launch price of the PS5 was 499.90 euros and the Digital Edition was 399.90 euros. At the end of August, the price of the PS5 was increased to 549.99 euros and the Digital Edition went on to cost 449.99 euros.

You also have to keep in mind that consoles no longer generate profits or at least, in the first moments. Normally they are sold at a loss or for the manufacturing costs and money is made with the exclusive ones. Now the console would be profitable, with the improvement they have introduced that allows costs to be reduced.

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