Sage is recognized with the Customer Relationship Excellence Award

The Spanish Association of Customer Relations Experts has recognized Sage with the Customer Relations Excellence Award for Best Non-Technological Innovation Strategic Projectfor him CX Lab project.

The awards recognize each year the most relevant professionals and national companies that provide outsourcing and technology in the industry, who have contributed to the development and innovation of the sector, in three different categories: Excellence Awards Company Customer Relations, Excellence Awards Supplier Customer Relations and Customer Relations Excellence Awards for Best Strategic Project.

“This year we have been able to observe that in the customer relationship market, innovation has been of major importance, both for brands and for outsourcing providers. More and more companies are embarking on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, and even experiences in the metaverse, achieving a much more fluid relationship between technology companies, service providers and brands”has commented María Luisa Merino, manager of AEERC.

CX Lab: innovation and creativity at the customer’s service

The CX Lab project is conceived as a customer experience labwith the aim of establishing a new space for collaboration and trust between them and the different areas of the company.

CX Lab allows you to create, test and prototype the company’s products and services, as well as the way of relating to customers, thanks to the use of the product itself as a communication channel with customers. The project also grants greater freedom, since they can decide which projects to participate in, based on their needs. It is expected that this initiative, initially launched for Sage 50, can be extended to other products in the near future.

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“We want our customers to be at the center of everything we do. That is why this recognition is so important to us: it shows that innovation is the path to follow in the relationship with our clients, to help them with the solutions they need, adapt them according to each case, and break down the barriers that prevent them from thrive”commented the Sage CX Lab team, represented by María del Castillo, Gema Robles, Raquel Hortoneda and Javier Gallardo.

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