Only 10% of SMEs will take advantage of the Black Friday commercial pull

The Black friday is just around the corner, which is the prelude to the Christmas campaign. On November 26, next Friday, an event takes place that can generate a great commercial opportunity for many small and medium-sized companies, especially in terms of online sales.

Despite this, the number of Spanish SMEs who can take advantage of these benefits still low. From BeeDigital, an expert company in digitalization technology solutions for SMEs and freelancers in Spain, they point out that only 39.4% of SMEs have a website andOf these, 73.6% do not have their social networks linked. The percentage that has experienced the greatest growth compared to 2020 has been that of SMEs whose websites include electronic commerce functionalities, which has grown from 6.9% to 9.56% as a result of the pandemic.

The sectors in which e-commerce has more presence are textiles and clothing (27.88%); jewelry, articles for sports, games and others (27.67%) and leather, leather goods and footwear (25.04%). The list is closed by various services for companies and individuals (3.48%); metallurgy (2.99%), construction and real estate services (2.33%) and local administrations (1.89%).

Madrid, at the forefront in e-commerce with web

By autonomous communities, Madrid (11.25%), Andalusia (10.22%), Aragon (10.02%), the Valencian Community (10%) and Ceuta (10%) are the ones with the highest number of SMEs with e-commerce on their website. At the other extreme we find the Canary Islands (7.93%), Melilla (7.69%), the Basque Country (7.67%), the Balearic Islands (7.2%) and Navarra (7.16%).

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«Black Friday is one of the most important dates in the e-Commerce calendar”, Says Javier Castro, CEO of BeeDigital. “We must value very positively the momentum that the digitization of SMEs has experienced in recent months, but that less than 10% can take advantage of this opportunity to multiply their sales is indicative of all that remains to be done. For this reason, we want to encourage Spanish SMEs to bet on digitization as a lever to boost their growth ”.

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