Optoma wants to sneak into your living room with this new 4K projector

There are more and more users who want to feel the experience of home theater by multiplying the inches of the screen with one of these projectors that, in recent times, have seen the advent of laser technology which has the great advantage of displaying images with amazing definition, color and contrast, but unfortunately they continue to flirt with prohibitive prices for many pockets.

Optoma UHD55 4K projector.

4K resolution projector

The fact is that the Optoma brand has been one of the ones that has moved the most in its segment to reduce that economic gap of the best 4K laser models, although it is still insurmountable. The fact is that, in just six months, it has put two devices on the market with very different characteristics: one with laser technology to display images in UHD resolution that we can see even in adverse natural and artificial light conditions, and another that does not boast of so much avant-garde but it allows to reach similar viewing quality levels resorting to an old incandescent light bulb.

In any case, if the UHZ50 model launched by Optoma in the fall of last year was close to 2,800 dollars in price (about 2,650 euros), with this UHD55 they have managed to lower it by nearly a thousand and transform it into a much more affordable projector for those who do not want to spend so much budget on one of these devices. Obviously we are going to lose some features, such as that laser technology, but essentially we are going to take the possibility of reproducing in that 4K that we so long for in our living room.

Optoma UHD55 4K projector.

Its technical specifications leave no room for doubt: 3,600 lumens, which means it projects sharp images and perfectly visible in adverse light conditions at any time of day, thanks to an incandescent bulb that the manufacturer estimates that we will have to replace after about 15,000 hours of use. How times have advanced! From those 400 or 500 hours of the models 15 years ago, compared to the efficiency of the devices that are manufactured right now.

Connections for all tastes

East Optoma UHD55 is perfect for playing 4K content be it from sources such as Blu-ray, to streaming platforms and, of course, video game consoles such as PS5 or Xbox Series X since it has a response speed of just 16 milliseconds. It will probably not be as fast as a monitor specifically designed for these tasks, but you will have enough fluidity to not lose detail of any game you play, regardless of the type of video game it is.

Optoma UHD55 4K projector.

It includes two HDMI ports compatible with the reproduction of 4K HDR content at 60 Hz (in 1,080p it reaches 240) that we project. It is wonderful, there is no denying it, although we will not need it to watch movies and series that continue to move in those classic 24 frames per second, so they do not need more. Undoubtedly, those 60 frames per second are extraordinarily good for video gameson PS5 and Xbox Series X, above all.

Also, in case you don’t have a home theater set, incorporates a small speaker of about 10 W as well as an Ethernet port for a wired connection to the internet, two USBs, a VGA for the PC and audio input and output in case we want to use headphones so as not to disturb anyone.

Yes, your operating system does not allow the installation of apps for streaming so we will have to add a Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick (or an Apple TV and any other set top-box) if we want to launch Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max or any other similar platform. If you are interested in it, its price is around 1,799 dollars, that is, about 1,650 euros to change.

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