Overlook: will the series based on the Shining arrive now on Netflix?

Last year the news came that JJ Abrams he was developing a series called Overlook, based on the novel by Shining written by Stephen King. The show was supposed to debut on HBO Max but, now, the latest news from overseas reports that the network has abandoned the idea and is allowing its competitors to take the lead instead. And guess who tops the Overlook nominee list? Exactly, Netflix.

Overlook, the series set in the Shining universe, could now arrive on Netflix

Overlook was supposed to be a horror show consisting of a total of 10 episodes, set in the hotel where the Shining novel and film takes place. Not a reimagining of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining or its sequel, directed by Mike Flanagan, Doctor Sleep, but a kind of prequel that would reveal other horrifying stories that happened in the hotel (and which could include characters that appeared in The Shining). We don’t know why HBO Max decided to throw in the towel on the show, but names like Abrams and King are too recognizable for another video on demand service to miss out on the opportunity. Obviously, Netflix is ​​the one that seems to be most interested in taking over the Overlook baton.

Abrams and his company Bad Robot, meanwhile, have other projects coming to HBO Max (like the highly anticipated Justice League Dark) and the first show Abrams himself created in over a decade, Demimonde, a science fiction series always coming to HBO. Then, of course, there is still the Batman animated series, Westworld, and many other things that the director and producer has already worked on.

Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown are the writers and executive producers who have been linked to the series to date, whose release date seems to be still a long way off anyway.

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