Pay much less money for new AirPods, in Prime Day 2023 deals

What do you need to enjoy these offers?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 discounts include a large number of products and accessories that we can get for much less money. And in order to access them, it is necessary to be registered as an Amazon Prime customer.

In the event that you are already a member, you can enjoy these discounts without having to do anything else. Now, if you have never signed up, thanks to this direct link you will be able to try the service and directly access these discounts.

The best headphones for day to day, much cheaper

In these special days of Amazon Prime Day 2023 offers, we have very interesting discounts on the family of Apple headphones. The first bargain we have available is the 3rd generation AirPods, with charging case with Lightning cable. In this case, the product is part of the 209 in the Apple Store. However, thanks to these Prime Day deals, they stay at only 159 euros. €50 less!

airpods 3 generation

And if wireless charging is your thing, the third-generation AirPods also have a model that has a MagSafe charging system in the case. So if you have the official Apple magnetic charger, or compatible wireless bases, you will be able to charge your headphones without having to use the Lightning cable. In this case, the official price is 219 euros, but thanks to Amazon Prime Day discounts They are for only 169 euros. Again, we will be paying 50 euros less!

The third generation of AirPods is characterized by having greater autonomy and better audio quality. But also, they have such useful and necessary features, such as water resistance. Thanks to this protection against splashes, we will be able to use them to exercise and we will not have to worry about them getting damaged if we are sweating.

And if we get into the realm of sound and software, these headphones have spatial audio with tracking. This way we will have, at all times, that the sound we are listening to surrounds us, so the experience of listening to any content with these headphones will be much more investing.

If you want the cheapest AirPods

airpods 2

In addition to the third generation AirPods, second generation AirPods are also available. These maintain the original design line that we saw in the first AirPods. Although they have the most basic functions that we can see in these headphones, they are an excellent input option that, for only 109 euroswe can enjoy.

So if we want headphones for a hands-free function or listen to music on a more occasional basis, these headphones are ideal. So, such a low price (taking into account that they start at 159 euros) make them much more interesting headphones. (

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