Apple vendors move for AirPods

Rumors about AirPods are constant these months and this time it seems that suppliers are starting shipments of some internal components like small circuit boards of these new Apple AirPods.

Suppliers such as: Semco, LG Innotek, Kinsus, Unimicron, Nan Ya, Zhen Ding and AT & amp; S appear in the filters that supposedly indicate that they have started their shipments of some internals for Apple’s next-generation products, among which are obviously the AirPods.

Several reports indicate that the production of these new Apple devices is close and possibly the Cupertino company has prepared or is preparing all the suppliers so that they begin to manufacture their devices as soon as possible. Remember that shortages and some processors along with the context of a pandemic which we are in can delay the shipments of some products that is why the sooner you start the better.

Simply the third generation of Apple AirPods will not add as many functionalities as the AirPods Pro, it is said for example that will not add active noise cancellation and this is normal for headphones that are not supposed to be priced too high. It must also be borne in mind that the design of the third generation AirPods will be similar to that of the current AirPods Pro but if the silicone pads at the end so they will “seal” the ear less than and add noise cancellation to us. it seems really not very functional.

We will be aware of all the rumors that appear about these new third generation AirPods and we will share them with you.

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