Play like a pro with this Lenovo Legion monitor on sale!

What do you expect to find in a gaming monitor? Speed, good response times, size, resolution and general quality, ideally a good price. Well, if you are not satisfied with this model … You are an out of series, because it is really difficult that it does not end up entering through the eye.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25, an extremely complete gaming monitor


The world of professional and simply competitive gaming is full of nuances. One mistake, one pixel offset, and everything can fall apart. It is a pressure to which normal users are far from accustomed even though we are demanding, but for this reason the needs are different. This Lenovo Y25-25 is designed for the former although the latter could make perfect use of it and we are talking about a gaming monitor that integrates a panel of 24.5 inch with technology IPS which is capable of displaying a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Without a doubt, this is the resolution most sought after by competitive or professional gamers for a very simple reason: it is the one with the best FPS rates for being less demanding and at the same time it is a resolution where panelists can increase the hertz of said panels.

This is why this Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gets a whopping 240 hertz with just 1 ms of response time. As if that were not enough, this panel is capable of reaching the 400 nits of brightness, something unusual in IPS monitors, where in addition the contrast ratio goes to the typical 1000: 1.

You won’t mind buying an NVIDIA or AMD GPU


The A-Sync-based VRR technologies of the two major brands of graphics cards are by rule a bummer for users, mainly because panelists and manufacturers only adopt one of them, forcing the user to buy a matching GPU if they want to take advantage. said technology. With this Lenovo Y25-25 this does not happen, since it presents both FreeSync Premium What G-SYNC Compatible, which guarantees a great smoothness at all times when playing.

In terms of connections, the brand has included one DisplayPort 1.2, one HDMI 2.0 and a connector 3.5mm mini Jack, so the main video and audio inputs are covered. However, it does not include speakers, something that is used less and less on a desk thanks to the Wireless headphones.

Its dimensions are 59.45 x 334.98 x 558.69 mm, weight 5.6 Kg and now it is at an incredible price, since yesterday it cost 299.99 euros, today going down a 6% until staying in 279.99 euros. At the moment it is in stock, but do not let it escape because it will fly.

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