Playboy wants to open a virtual mansion in the metaverse to sell NFTs there

Playboy is committed to opening a virtual mansion in the metaverse. Accessible in virtual reality, this mansion inspired by Hugh Hefner’s home will be reserved for subscribers to Centerfold, the brand’s future social network. In this digital universe, Playboy aims to sell its rabbit logo in the form of NFT.

Playboy, the famous men’s magazine launched by Hugh Hefner, seeks to reinvent itself. Two years after the publication of the last issue, the company wishes get started in the metaverse. Interviewed by our colleagues from CNBC, Ben Kohn, CEO of Playboy, announced his intention to open a virtual mansion in the near future.

The Playboy Mansion originally refers to Hugh Hefner’s luxurious California residence. Within this immense ostentatious residence, the millionaire organized extravagant erotic evenings with celebrities. Aware of the sulphurous image of the place, Ben Kohn wants to launch a virtual mansion in order to rekindle interest in the brandfamous for its rabbit-shaped logo.

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PlayBoy wants to renew itself thanks to the metaverse and NFTs

To access this virtual mansion, it will be imperative to join a membership program on Centerfold, the social network solely dedicated to Playboy. A competitor to platforms like OnlyFans, Centerfold promotes “creative freedom, artistic expression and sex positivity”. On this network, Internet users will pay subscriptions to obtain exclusive content from the models. The launch of the network is imminent. “I want the mansion to be able to come back first in the metaverse, because I think we can reach a global audience through that. This will be part of our membership plan”explains the manager.

To modernize and attract a younger audience, Playboy has also moved into the non-fungible token (NFT) business. In recent months, the company has issued numerous tokens representing its logo. “The magazine was one of the company’s products. But it’s really that bunny head that’s worth billions and billions of dollars and isn’t repeatable. When you think of Playboy, an image comes to mind. Almost everyone knows what this rabbit represents”explains Ben Kohn.

As part of this modernization effort, PlayBoy launched Rabbitarsa collection of 11,953 digital artworks depicting variants of its logo, on OpenSea, NFT’s main marketplace. “We have 10 million pieces of content in our archive which we can also offer as NFTs”, welcomes the CEO. The non-fungible tokens will obviously be part of the experience accessible to Internet users in the virtual mansion.

Playboy is not the only world famous brand to turn to digital worlds accessible in virtual reality. Recently, Samsung opened a virtual store in the metaverse to present its latest high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S22. Under the impetus of Meta (ex-Facebook), firms like Nike or Gucci have also bought digital plots in virtual worlds, like Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Source: CNBC

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