Mascarade: Asmodee announces the new edition

Among the next table games coming in the catalog Asmodee we will find the new edition of Mascarade, a title born in 2013 thanks to Bruno Faidutti.

What awaits us in this new edition of the bluff title, in which our identity and that of our opponents are as elusive and fickle as the simple exchange of masks?

The new edition of Mascarade with Asmodee is coming

Compared to the first edition of Mascarade, the forthcoming one has a less baroque and more minimalist cover, but not devoid of color or references to the game’s theme. The reference player counter changes, passing from 2 to 13 players to a more restricted (but suitable for the game genre) 4-12.

In Mascarade, each player receives an identity card, which represents his character – or rather, his mask. Yes, because during the game the cards will often pass from hand to hand, and we can find ourselves wearing the guise of a King, a Thief, a Judge, a Spy and many others within half an hour. The aim of the game is to become the richest player, by reaching 13 gold or being the most moneyed as soon as another goes bankrupt.

Each character has a special power, which can be activated by the owner of the card or by anyone pretending to be that character. But should he be unmasked, the active player will lose his action and will have to pay a penalty coin. Bluffing and deception, as well as a good memory, will be key to being able to take home the heaviest bag of coins.

The new edition of Mascarade is coming this fall thanks to the publishing house Asmodee (Dune: Imperium, Here to Slay).

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