PlayStation VR2: analysis of the virtual reality glasses of PS5


I have finally been able to try the ps5 virtual reality glasses, and the experience has been just as I expected: a spectacular product, very well manufactured, with cutting-edge technology and that not everyone can afford, both physically and financially. Are the PS5 virtual reality glasses worth it? This is my experience.

some glasses that float


As great as they may seem to you, the design work that Sony has put into creating this virtual reality headset is great. Normally, when you use a virtual reality headset, the placement of the headset is key to getting a proper experience. To avoid problems, Sony has included a series of adjustments to obtain a perfect placement of the viewfinder, and the results are fantastic.

On the one hand, you feel that the visor is perfectly placed on your head, it does not move, it is balanced in terms of weight and, most importantly, it does not interfere. Forget about pain in the nose, forehead or ears. Here there is nothing to bother if the viewer is on your site.


On the one hand, there is the rear thread that tightens the rear headband against the occipital bone. This point is key, since it keeps the visor firm at all times, and does not bother the skull. The second step is to adjust the pressure on the forehead, and this is done by pressing a button that releases the front of the visor so that you can get it as close as possible to the forehead, until you find the point where you are most comfortable.

You won’t find light leaks either, since an accordion-shaped rubber will cover the part of your cheeks so that you can concentrate exclusively on the screen in front of you.

The PS VR2 is basically the most comfortable VR headset we’ve tested to date.

VR is touched and felt


The new controllers included in the PS VR2 are especially striking due to their design. Visually they feel like a sphere that surrounds your hand, and this allows you to have a graphical representation of your fingers in the virtual world. To the already classic DualSense buttons (now divided half and half between the two controls) and the adaptive triggers, we must add a second PlayStation button to maintain symmetry between the two and not affect whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

The controls vibrate, but so does the viewfinder. It is a very peculiar vibration, since it feels quite good and is widely distributed throughout the helmet. The moment they vibrate you are surprised by how smooth and efficient the vibration is. That is to say, the last thing you would want to have in your head is a loud and aggressive engine drilling your head, and it is not what happens, on the contrary. Are we asking for a massage game? Could be.

The look that surprises


But if there is something that we especially liked about the glasses, it is their eye tracking technology. Much has been said about it so far, and we know that thanks to this you get a rendering centered on the point where we maintain the vision. This is a feature that goes unnoticed by the user, but is there for excellent performance. And it is that, where you are not looking, the graphics will be worse, but you will not see them.

Where we will experience eye tracking technology first hand is in cursor control, since there will be menus that we can select simply by looking at specific options without using the stick.

The (dis)connect cable


At the moment it seems that current technology does not allow us to forget about cables. Sony has managed to unify data and power in a single USB-C cableHowever, this is still not enough to enjoy fully immersive virtual reality. play Horizon Call of The Mountain and noticing how a cable touches your back while climbing breaks the feeling of being inside the game quite a bit, and that’s a negative point.

Unfortunately it is the toll to pay since, with today’s technology, avoiding cables would mean integrating a battery that would increase the weight of the glasses or, failing that, would force us to carry some kind of backpack for this purpose.

A product to squeeze, not to experiment


The most detractors of virtual reality have always declared that the applications that virtual reality solutions had were no more than small experiences with which to pass the time. PS VR2 arrives to completely change all this, since like its predecessor, the glasses offer extremely complex games with which to play hours and hours.

The incredible Gran Turismo 7 or the surprising Horizon Call of The Mountain They are a clear example of this. Triple AAA games that change the experience by being able to live it in first person. However, it is there, in the extension of the experience, where I still do not see myself prepared.

It’s not technology, it’s our brain


Nails on screens with 120 Hz refresh rate and eye tracking, the images that the PS VR2 shows are spectacular. We are facing one of the most powerful options in terms of graphics in the virtual reality market, and taking into account the firm behind it, the games that will arrive will be even more incredible.

With this technology, visual fatigue is no longer a problem, however, there is still that feeling of dizziness caused by impulses that our brain does not know how to interpret. And it is that, if you fall in the game, your head thinks that gravity will come into action (which obviously does not happen), and if you draw a curve in Gran Turismo at 130 kilometers per hour, the normal thing is that your body will go to the other side of the line, which does not happen either.

All these cases cause our brain to be in a continuous reset, and after several minutes experiencing these “hacks” it suffers, and that is where bodily discomfort appears.

15 minutes of Gran Turismo 7 were enough to make me feel nauseous, and the fact is that the combination of the force feedback steering wheel and virtual reality glasses produces such a realistic effect that my brain expected to find G forces in each of the curves it took, and at the same time not happen, my body was completely disoriented.

Is virtual reality what we need?


The PS VR2 is the best virtual reality headset we’ve tested so far, and the fault lies with some incredible hardware and a beastly partner: the PS5. But as we have mentioned, technology continues to have limitations that affect our well-being, and although it is something that will vary depending on the user, the general trend is that you should use it sparingly.

That being said, pay 599 euro For a product that you should use in moderation, it does not seem to be a tasteful dish for many users, so our recommendation is that you try some before buying them, since you could get some surprises.

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