Problems with TestFlight links on macOS? do this

Earlier this week, Apple released TestFlight that allows developers to easily provide beta versions of their apps to users outside of the App Store. Some users have claimed that they have problems with the links of this application in macOS. So if this is your case, we propose some solutions It seems that most of those affected are working.

Apple recently released TestFlight. To this day it is still in beta phase and that is why it is normal that there are some failures. One of the most common according to a large majority of users is that of not being able to open the links from macOS. In this way being able to work with the application becomes useless. Those same users and developers have been researching and have come up with some solutions that work, at least for now.

Taking into account that as we have said, it is a program in beta phase, what works today may not work tomorrow, but for now it is good for us to have these solutions at hand.

Sometimes the TestFlight app doesn’t open when they click a link in a TestFlight invitation, so they can’t download and install the beta app. The universal link, which is responsible for redirecting users to a certain application, still not working properly for TestFlight, therefore, clicking the link does not produce the expected action.


  • Hold down the Command key and drag the URL from Safari’s address bar to the TestFlight icon in the Dock. This should make the application recognize the invite link.
  • Copy the invite link to TestFligh. Paste the link into Safari’s address bar. Replace “https” with “itms-beta” press Enter

Until we wait for Apple’s solution, these will come in handy.

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