Don’t waste money buying these iPhones

With the presentation of iOS 17 and with the certainty that Apple will present the new generation of iPhone in September (and who knows if something else), many users wonder whether or not it is a good idea to buy an iPhone at this time of the year and about Everything, analyze which devices are worth buying both on the official Apple page and on third-party applications. Therefore, in this post, we are going to analyze which iPhone you should not buy if you do not want to lose your money.

iPhone XR and XS

The iPhone XR and XS is the oldest generation to receive iOS 17, and, furthermore, since they are devices with such old hardware, they do not receive all the news in order to offer a good user experience.


Both devices can be found at a very cheap price in third-party and second-hand stores, counting a price of 150-250 euros, depending on whether it is the iPhone XR or XS.

iPhone XS

Despite the fact that both devices have a completely different audience, they share many disadvantages, such as the fact that we have said that it is their last year of updates and that they have quite limited hardware. Also, the battery is probably very deteriorated and, I’m afraid to add that the camera and the screen are quite behind not only with the most recent devices, but similar generations.

iPhone 12 and 13 mini

The mini generations are two large devices in a very small body and were launched on the market with the aim of giving users a very ergonomic phone but with the highest-end features.

We all know the highlight, that is, it was a real failure at the sales level that has led to discontinuing this model and launching the iPhone 14 Plus, a model similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max in size.

iPhone 13 mini black

Both devices have two main disadvantages. First of all, the battery of both devices is very fair (especially in generation 12), with about 5 hours of active screen, and that, in the event that you use it intensely, the battery does not reach the end of the day Secondly, it is the price, since the price is around 585 euros, a high price and if we compare it with the iPhone 12, there are hardly any differences in value and if you are looking for a refurbished iPhone 12, the price is similar or inferior to the Mini.

iPhone 13 mini cameras

Finally, the development of iOS is focused on being able to work more and more professionally with our devices, especially in photo and video editing, so such a small phone makes no sense for it.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 cameras

Despite the fact that it has not been on the market for even a year, buying the iPhone 14 right now does not make any sense, because there are only a few months left before the launch of a new generation and, consequently, its price will drop, becoming a device with a very good value for money, a relationship that it does not have today, especially from the official website.

iphone 14 yellow

Another of the reasons why this iPhone is not worth buying is because it is because of its enormous resemblance to the iPhone 13, so unless you find a very good offer on the market, always choose the iPhone 13 because it will be difficult for you to find differences. .

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