Surprise with this MacBook that Apple already classifies as obsolete

The reason Apple makes it obsolete

When we said that this is news that could be foreseen, it is because the company only adds to the list products that have been discontinued for more than 5 years and less than 7. Those that have not been manufactured in that period of time are also included. And yes, although in the minds of many this computer seems launched yesterday, it fully meets those requirements and therefore was already a candidate to join the list.

What can be done now with this team?

A year ago this computer was added among the Macs that could upgrade to macOS Big Sur. However, two weeks ago we learned about the list of Macs that will update Monterey and we found that it was already out of support via software, starting with this range of the MacBook launched at the beginning of 2016. Therefore, those who have this computer should know that Big Sur will be the last update that they mount, being already in the fridge macOS 11.5 as the main candidate to be its latest software version, unless one more comes out during the summer that is the final one.

macbook retina 12 inch 2015

Although the most striking thing that happens with these computers declared obsolete is that Apple stops repairing them, as well as ceasing to offer original parts to its suppliers. Therefore, if you have this 2015 MacBook, also known as MacBook Retina, and you have a problem with it, the company will only be able to offer you to recycle it. Yes indeed, there are third party services that they can continue to repair them, even if it is without original parts, so in a way we could not say that it is one hundred percent irreparable.

Will a successor to this computer be released soon?

For years there was a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple releasing a new 12-inch MacBook. With the arrival of the Apple Silicon chips, rumors have resurfaced and there were those who pointed out that the first of these would be precisely this 12-inch computer, but we could already see that it was not like that. There were even some reports that allegedly came from supply chains and featured this team.

To date, no information about it has been released again, so we can guess that the Cupertino company is focused on the MacBook Air and Pro. Some believe that with iPad Pro increasingly advanced in hardware, it seems that Apple has found in a way the replacement for these computers. In any case, we will have to continue waiting to see if the company finally decides to end this range of small notebooks or if, on the contrary, it surprises us with a launch in the next few years.

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