Project Q should only offer this feature and it will succeed, you know which one?

Project Q was the confirmation of those rumors that we have been hearing lately that they took for granted a return of the Japanese to the portable console market, after two extraordinary attempts with PSP and PS Vita, machines that we cannot say were bad. The other way around, At the time, they represented an obvious advance compared to what we had on the market thanks nintendo

console not console

You probably already know, but Project Q is not a console, but a screen embedded in a gamepad inspired by the famous PS5 DualSense and with which we can enjoy gaming in the cloud. That is to say, that everything is executed remotely and thanks to the quality of the connection that we can achieve. Whether at home through a wireless network or on the move, on the street, thanks to 5G.

But of course, offering such a device has its risks because absolutely all PS5 users (I think I am not leaving any of them out) already have half of that device in their pockets and we usually call it a “mobile phone”. Or better yet, “smartphone«. The other half to get something like that would be a compatible remote control adapteras is the famous Backbone One PlayStation Edition for both iOS and Android.

So, what reasons might make us want to buy Project Q when it comes out? In my case, I am one of experimenting as much as I can when something lands on the market, I would move for two reasons, and one of them does not matter too much: the first is purely for collecting, and the second is the to be able to access any title that I have purchased on PlayStation Store wherever I am to continue the game.

You choose the game, not that they choose it for you

This is the key point that, I think, is what a device like Project Q must meet to succeed. And it is that Sony is sure that it will offer the possibility of connecting to its catalog of titles in streaming of PlayStation Plus and, at most, later add that Remote Play to connect to the PS5 that we have at home. The former makes sense to boost your subscription, and it will happen, but the second assumes that the Japanese have decided to wash their handss and leave all the responsibility for accessing our libraries on us, the users.

And why is this possibility not something acceptable? Because all of you who have tried to play away from home with that remote play you will know the problems that causes, almost always, before we can connect to the console: the apps the mobile has been updated and has lost the credentials, the console has been disconnected and cannot be turned on, the last update of the machine has removed the link with remoteplay, etc The fact is that whenever you remember that you can continue with the game of God of War Ragnarok away from home… something (technical) happens that prevents you from doing it.

Project Q will be a success to the extent that Sony give users the ability to play any title in your library without depending on their respective PS5. Either because it installs specific servers or whatever, but we don’t have to check before leaving home that this link is still active and without problems. And not even so, many times we get things to turn out the way we want.

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