PS Plus in July rounds off the offer with great games: one especially

If a few days ago we revealed to you which were the games that came to PS Plus in the first days of July, Now it’s time to go and meet those who are going to do it in the middle of the month and we have to say that there are alternatives for all tastes but one of them, saving the distances, is one of the best we’ve ever played, especially if you love having a hard time traveling roads full of ice and snow.

Indeed, all the news that we are going to tell you about next land on PS Plus in the middle of this month of July and you will not have anything strange to do to enjoy them, because they will become available to download to our PS4 or PS5 within the Premium and Extra catalogues. If you have that subscription category, you will automatically be able to access each one as much as you want.

Have a great time surviving

If you look at all the games that arrive in the second half of July, six in total, there is one that has managed to establish itself as a very niche franchise for players looking for a different experience when they want to drive any type of vehicle. Snow Runner It is a game that already had a previous installment called Mud Runner and that it changes those swampy and muddy lands for others in which there is a lot of water, ice and snow.

Snow Runner puts us in the shoes of drivers who must complete maps carrying goods with different types of vehicles (from station wagons to vans, through light and heavy trucks) while face inclement weather, and always based on a real simulation concept which is overwhelming: every rut on the road is felt when driving, with wheels that get stuck, unevenness that throws us towards precipices and obstacles that we will have to overcome with the help of the hook that we must always have at hand.

If you are one of those who have a lot of patience and skill with the wheel to take a trailer through a blizzard, without suffering damage, You will fall in love with this PS Plus gamealthough if you are not of that line, look at everything that comes along with Snow Runner.

Action and Games of the Year

In addition to this simulator, Sony is going to add another five different titles to its catalogue. Surely the one that attracts the most attention is that of It Takes Two, by the famous Josef Fares, which we will necessarily have to play accompanied by someone. Considered the best game of the year in 2021, it is a more than fun experience and it comes in handy that we can install it on our console without spending an extra euro.

Also, also The official video game of the film arrives World War Z, Undertale, The Ascent and Sniper Elite 5which is another one that has a legion of followers around the world, since it is one of the best-known franchises when it comes to getting fully involved in a war conflict where we help win the battle from a distance, aiming through from the sight of our sniper rifle.

So now you know. This is everything that PS Plus Extra and Premium offers you in the second half of July. Take advantage of the holidays!

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