Back to school is coming: Windows 10 and Office forever license from € 11

With Windows 11 Already announced, now is the best time to have your operating system in order, and since it can be updated for free if you have your Windows 10 licenses in order, below we present one of the best promotions that you will find this summer: Back to School (back to school) by Keysbuff, through which you can not only buy your Windows or Office digital and lifetime licenses but you can also get them for free, since they are doing free key raffle during the event. We tell you everything below.

The biggest discount ever on Windows and Office licenses

With this Keysbuff «back to school» event you can save no less than 28% when buying your digital licenses for both Windows and Office, as long as you use the discount code HDZ. Also keep in mind that the prices that we are going to mark below already have this discount applied, so you will have to use it to get them as cheap.

Your Windows 10 lifetime licenses at the best price

Office keys have the same discount

Save even more if you buy both

Do you need to activate other software? No problem

One thing you should know is that they are perennial, lifetime or forever (whatever you want to call it), which means you won’t have to pay a penny ever again once you’ve already bought them. Also, the keys are global, so no matter what country you are in or what language you have Windows or Office in, you can use them to activate your software without problems.

How is the process of purchasing these licenses?

The purchase process is just as simple and safe as in any other online store. You will simply have to register with a valid email address (and make sure of this because the key you are buying is digital, so what you will receive will be a license code in your email) and make the purchase as you would in any other store .

In addition, the process is much faster and safer if you choose PayPal as the payment method, since the seller receives the payment instantly and therefore will process your order immediately, to the point that normally you will only have to wait a few minutes for receive your license key in your email.

On the other hand, remember also that Keysbuff is running a raffle whereby you can get completely free games when you make your purchase. To participate, click on the link below these lines, log in with your account (obviously you must be registered) and simply click on the participate button.

Finally, it should be noted that the promotion is for a limited time, so if you need licenses we urge you not to miss this promotion. Apart from this, if you have any problems you should know that this store offers you a support email address from which they will help you in any setback you encounter during the purchase process or when activating your license: .

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