PUBG Creator Wants To Make The Biggest Ever Done

Beyond the sandbox

According to Greene, the idea is none other than to continue increasing the player’s sense of freedom. If the arrival of sandboxes allowed the ability to explore and travel on a large map, their intention now is none other than to bring large-scale worlds to life with thousands of players that they are able to cooperate and confront each other, being able to do practically everything. “Do you see that mountain? You can climb it ”.

The challenge is to create the technology that is capable of giving life to these new scenarios, some worlds of hundreds of kilometers that, obviously, would be impossible to fill by hand based on textures, mechanics and modeling of the map, so they will rely on an artificial intelligence that is capable of generating the map each time you click the play button.

Prologue lives up to its name

We saw the first Prologue trailer almost 2 years ago, when in December 2019 a video showed us a wooded landscape in the middle of a storm. Now, Greene assures that the premise will continue to have the essence of said trailer, since the player will have to survive in an unknown terrain where he must find the necessary tools to go forward, at the same time that the harsh weather will make things difficult for us. . This is not something that differs too much from the survival games we have today, so we will see what they really want to do.

The interesting thing (or curious, at least), is that it seems that Prologue will be an introduction to this new way of playing in realistic worlds, considering itself a technical demo of its terrain generation tool. In addition, the company will let users make payments to support the company in the development of the tool, although it is not very clear to us whether it will be necessary to pay for the technical demo or if it will be completely voluntary. We’ll see how all this payment ends.

When can it be played?

Unfortunately Prologue’s release date and the platforms on which it will be available is still a mystery, so there is no choice but to keep waiting for future news. Of course, taking into account that the first trailer was released in December 2019, and it has not been until now that we have learned more about the development, we are very afraid that there is still a lot left to see something real in operation. Not to mention the equipment or technology that will be available to give life to all that they have in mind …

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