QuakeCon: The event schedule reveals the return of Quake

The QuakeCon at Home 2021, the Bethesda event also this year in digital version, is getting closer and closer and the convention’s program of speeches has mistakenly revealed the return of Quake, Id Software’s FPS game.

The offending sentence was quickly removed from the program description, confirming that something is brewing on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Quake, the first full 3D shooter.

The announcement of Quake’s return is near

It looks like we are there! In a few days, the official announcement of a new video game based on the franchise should arrive Quake.

The program of the QuakeCon, which in the description of the opening conference of the event erroneously referred to a new project based on Quake.

On 19 August, the first day of the QuakeCon, after the presentation of the convention there will be the “Let’s Talk Quake“, Which was described thus:

Quake is back! In this special stream, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman talks to Machine Games’ Jerk Gustafsson about its historical significance and what it meant to both. The duo will also talk about the additional content of this new edition, to which Machine Games has contributed.

Promptly Bethesda has removed any reference to a new version of the game, fueling the hopes of gamers of the first chapters of the saga who will already be looking forward to a remastered version or even a reboot, as happened for Doom.

Machine Games, author of the relaunch of Wolfenstein, could be the perfect software house to revive this old classic, having also created an excellent additional package of levels for Quake in 2016.

In a few days we will find out what Bethesda is planning and how dear old man is Quake will be able to return to PC and console. In the meantime, the best way to celebrate 25 years of the game is surely to recover it through platforms such as Steam or Bethesda and replay all the chapters released so far.

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