Refresh your gaming peripherals with Razer’s Black Friday deals

Although Black Friday will be celebrated during the next week, from today November 19, Razer is already celebrating its sales, which will not only cover this holiday and the following Cyber ​​Monday, but also will be extended throughout the Christmas holidays with some great deals on a wide range of gaming products.

And it is that with practically all families of discounted products, this is one of the best opportunities to find a large number of succulent deals on laptops, chairs, headphones, keyboards, mice, controllers and even their accessories and merchandising, and practically everything a good gamer could wish for to renew or complete his ideal setup.

Thus, in addition to its official store, we can currently find some of these offers available through some of the main local distributors such as PcComponentes, Amazon, Media Markt or Carrefour. However, to make things easier for you and help you ensure you find the ideal gift for these dates, we present below some of the most interesting offers that are already available:

MC recommendation: Comfort Pack Pro

Viper Mini

Smaller in size, lighter, and already priced fairly well on any user’s budget, the Razer Viper Mini retains some interesting features from the series, including unique optical switches that unlike traditional mechanical switches that send electrical signals Using metal contacts, this mouse uses a beam of infrared light that passes through a shutter to fire an electrical signal to the PC.

This allows a activation response up to three times faster And according to Razer, they are the fastest switches in the world. As they do not require physical contact, they are also more accurate and less likely to register an accidental double click.

And it is that its size allows it to boast of a weight of only 61 grams to become Razer’s lightest, while maintaining the use of other notable features such as its meshed USB Speedflex cable, its 8,500 DPI optical sensor, or its six programmable buttons.

Currently we can already find the Viper Mini under a powerful 50% discount, and a final price of only 24.99 euros.

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Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Huntsman TE

Also presented under a compact TKL design and easy to transport, the great novelty of this keyboard is the incorporation of the Razer Linear Optical Switches red in color, opto-mechanical switches that combine a 1.0 mm optical actuation with a light sensor to detect our pulsations. In addition, as is customary in the brand, we will have an impressive lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes per key.

And it is that oriented for professional players and eSports tournaments, its performance offers us a user experience at an intermediate point between the Blackwidow and Huntsman, with faster and quieter pulsations thanks to its instant response keys.

Without forgetting of course portability, which becomes one of the priorities of this keyboard, equipped with a “plug and play” functionality with which we can enjoy all its qualities from the moment we connect it.

Enjoying another 50% discount, we can currently find the Huntsman TE for a price of just 75 euros for a limited number of units.

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Razer Iskur X

Iskur X

Of course, we cannot speak of a pack focused on comfort without going through the chairs. And it is that the great and only difference of this model with respect to the original Iskur, is that this time We will not have the presence of an exclusive lumbar support system or the integrated headrest, which we can acquire as extra add-ons independently.

Thus, the chair will retain the same multi-layer black leatherette upholstery, finished with a distinctive snake-like design, to create the ultimate unique look that Razer is known for. A design that will only be interrupted by some details on the edges and sewn details in the company’s classic green color, with the triple crossed snake logo adorning the upper part of the upper backrest area, and the slogan “For Gamers. By Gamers “ embroidery on the front of the seat.

Also, this chair is capable of supporting up to 136 kilograms, and has a sculpted high-density foam backing that provides more support along the natural curve of the spine, while the angled seat edge maximizes support for the upper leg and thighs, with a multi-function recline that will allow us to reposition it for the most comfortable posture. comfortable for longer sessions.

With a very grateful reduction of 25%, the Iskur X Green it could be ours from the 299 euros.

Razer Barracuda X Switch Wireless Headphones

Barracuda X

Thus coming to the audio section, we find the recently released Razer Barracuda X, multiplatform wireless headphones with connectivity based on a HyperSpeed ​​Wireless USB-C dongle, making them a perfect ally for the game multiplatform both desktop and portable.

Presented under a sober and minimalist design, very well reflected in its light weight of just 250 grams, these headphones opt for predominantly black colors and the absence of lighting, allowing us to focus all our attention on the games. Although again we will have an important addition for comfort, with the inclusion of a 90º rotation system for its speakers, which will allow us to let them rest more comfortably on our chest when we are not using them.

Although we should not for this reason give up high quality, equipping some 40mm custom dynamic drivers, positioning itself as a headset that can be used for both gaming and audio playback. Evidence for that can be found in its cardioid microphone, which can be disconnected from the headset when not in voice chat.

Currently we can already find the Barracuda X available with a 19% discount that leaves its price at 79.99 euros.

Razer Black Friday 2021: other offers

However, as we mentioned before, we will continue to have other equally interesting offers, among which we wanted to highlight the following selection of products:

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