Repairing an iPhone with a broken Face ID will be cheaper

While it is true that many Face ID bugs can be fixed, the truth is that when it comes to a hardware problem, it is difficult to do it on our own. Therefore, going to Apple technical support is the most advisable, although not the cheapest. What the company does replace the entire screen when everything is integrated in one piece, with the cost that this entails. However, this will change soon.

Apple will allow to replace only the Face ID sensors

The ones known as TrueDepth sensors They are the ones that integrate both the camera and the infrared light sensors that allow face detection and give life to the Face ID system. And whether due to its complexity or any other reason, Apple still does not change this part when it is defective, but rather they proceed to change the entire front panel as we explained to you before.

However, a trusted source from Macrumors has revealed that this paradigm will soon change and both Apple and the SAT (Authorized Technical Service) will be able to change only this element. We suspect that these sources are from the United States, but it is more than likely that it will end up in all countries, since the same procedures are followed in all of them when it comes to reparations.

iphone face id truedepth sensors

And although the end user may be indifferent to this, the truth is that could be a cheaper repair. To think otherwise would be strange, since until now the total cost of the iPhone screen is taken into account, which is usually always high (from 221.10 euros in iPhone XR to 361.10 in the ’13 Pro Max ‘).

The iPhone X is left out of this procedure

The aforementioned medium has also reported something that is very surprising at first, and that is that this type of repair would be carried out on iPhone XS and later. Virtually all iPhones that have Face ID fall into that spectrum, except for one: the iPhone X.

What was the first iPhone with Face ID, originally launched at the end of 2017, will continue to follow the same procedure as before in the face of failures in this system. And the truth is that no one has been able to explain the reason for this, since in the end it is the same piece as in the iPhone XS. Only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series introduced changes to this item.

Be that as it may, we want to clarify that at the moment there is no official confirmation about this change. Normally, Apple does not explain this publicly, but it is not difficult to know, since the specialists of the Apple Store explain how the procedure is and soon they will be able to tell about this change and confirm if, as we warned, the price of the repair.

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