Samsung goes for Apple by competing with this new cheaper product

The South Korean company wants to step on Apple’s ground in a more professional and productive environment. It is not a new phone model, nor a computer or a tablet, but a monitor, which wants to compete directly with the Apple Studio Display. Want to know what this product is all about and how much it’s going to cost? We tell you in this post.

Samsung Viewfinity S9 goes for the Studio Display

In the field of computer monitors, Apple once again made its foray with the Pro Display XDR screen, aimed at a high-performance professional segment. However, there was a gap to fill, which was the professional segment at a more medium level. To do this, they decided to launch a version called Studio Display, with much more affordable features and price.

samsung viewfinity s9

Now, with the arrival of this product, it was a matter of time before the competition wanted to rival Apple “from face to face”, and this moment has arrived. The MacRumors web portal has announced that the new Samsung Viewfinity S9 monitor, presented at CES in January of this same 2023, will be launched in South Korea, as the first arrival country. And its equivalent price in dollars will be $1,300. According to the media, Samsung has not yet revealed pricing or availability details for the US market.

Samsung Vewfinity S9 VS Studio Display

The fact that Samsung wants to compete with Apple in this segment is not only due to the exterior design. But, also, it is due to the characteristics that it has:

  • 27 inch screen
  • 5K resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 600 nits maximum brightness
  • Three USB Type-C ports
  • One USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4
  • Mini Display Port

For its part, the Apple Studio Display monitor has the following features:

  • 27 inch screen
  • 5K resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 600 nits maximum brightness
  • Three USB-C ports
  • One Thunderbolt 4 port

competition is strong

As far as the screen is concerned, both monitors have a practically identical configuration. And if we see the video of the official presentation, the South Korean firm also incorporates a webcam that can be attached to the top of the screen, while the Studio Display already has its own, incorporated into the upper frame of the screen.

Studio Display

While the Apple monitor is a tool focused on work, Samsung’s proposal also incorporates an Internet connection and has access to the different Smart TV applications that we are used to seeing on that company’s televisions. So, we not only have a device designed to work, but also designed to entertain us.

And what are the prices? The Studio Display starts from 1,779 euros, if we choose the standard glass configuration. But we can also choose the nanoteturized glass screen, which starts at 2,029 euros. For his part, the Viewfinity S9 costs $1,300. At the moment there is no arrival date or official prices in other countries.

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