Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: the new wish for gamers

Mini LED technology for Samsung gaming monitor

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, that’s the name of the latest gaming screen from the Korean manufacturer. And yes, physically it will be familiar to you because it is the new member of a family that was introduced some time ago. Even so, this new option has important improvements and, above all, it makes use of the Mini LED technology for its imposing panel 49 inch. If you like, let’s go in parts.

The design is the first thing that catches your eye if you did not know the previous version yet. It is a spectacular monitor, with imposing dimensions and an aspect ratio that undoubtedly surprises because it is neither the usual 16: 9 nor 21: 9 to which we have already become accustomed in recent years.

Here the new Neo G9 bets on a 32: 9 panel that offers a feeling of immersion much greater than usual, although it is not the only thing. The second interesting point of the screen is in the type of panel used.

With Mini LED technology, this type of screens offers a backlighting system that provides important advantages for the rest of the proposals. To start with, reach a maximum brightness up to 2,000 nits. Therefore, together with the greater control of each zone and much deeper blacks, the contrast and the support for content and display of HDR content is significantly improved.

Along with a full resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels (as if you had two QHD displays together) offers support for technologies such as Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Free Sync Premium Pro as well as support for a variable refresh rate (VRR) and the same 240 Hz refresh rate of the previous model which is not bad at all.

The good thing is that in this version what Samsung does not hesitate to do, because it is the least already, is to update the HDMI connections to offer two ports compatible with the version HDMI 2.1. This way you will be able to take advantage of the maximum benefits that your PC offers now or in the near future.

To close all this, the monitor includes a headphone output, a DisplayPort connection and two USB 3.0 ports.

A unique gaming experience

Without a doubt, the main attraction of this screen, in addition to its undeniable quality that it seems to offer, is in the size and aspect ratio. Having 49 inches in 32: 9 format makes the sensation of immersion superior to that of any other screen that we use regularly.

Logically not everything is perfect, if the games do not have support for this aspect ratio it does not matter what it is, because there will be black stripes on the sides. Although even those titles that do support such a number of horizontal pixels will also have to deal with minor distortion problems. Still, it is true that our eyes will only notice when we stare and that will not be normal.

Samsung Odyssey Nego G9, price

As you can see in the first place, the new Neo G9 is a screen that is intended for a very specific audience, not only for its spectacular dimensions and that 49-inch diagonal with an aspect ratio of 32: 9, but also for its price. And this is a screen that will cost $ 2,500. That is, few will really bet on it when the previous model was already too expensive for most. Although here everything seems to be more justified

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