Search faster in Windows 11 using the Search icon

Windows 11 came with many changes to existing features in the operating system, among which is the new Windows Search. This is now more complete, faster and more efficient. With it we will be able to search for all kinds of content on our computer, from files stored on the computer, to installed applications or search for content on the Internet using the Bing search engine and the Microsoft Edge browser.

How to access the search icon in Windows 11

With the default settings, Windows 11 shows us a search icon on the taskbar so users can click it to open search. Now that Microsoft has moved the search bar from the taskbar to the Start menu, many users use the Start menu search bar to search for files and applications. Here’s a complete guide on how to search Icon:

We can easily access this function by pressing the search icon (in the form of a magnifying glass) located on the taskbar or by pressing the key combination “Windows + S” to activate it and start typing what we need. For example, if we want to open the Command Prompt, just press “Windows + S” and type cmd in the bar that appears at the top.

From the Search button located on the taskbar, simply hover the mouse pointer over it to display the three recently searched items. In this way we can have quick access to the latest applications that we have searched for with just one click.

Search icon on taskbar in Windows 11

Unlike the classic search method, Microsoft has improved the search function in Windows 11 so that it offers us greater utility when searching and finding certain elements of the system.

Add or remove the search icon

Adding or removing the search icon to the Windows 11 taskbar is a process that we can carry out at any time, either from the Configuration menu itself or from the Registry Editor.

From Settings

The easiest way to add (or remove) the icon to the taskbar is by accessing its section within the Settings menu. To do this, simply access by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I”. We can also access this configuration section from the taskbar itself. To do this, it is only necessary to click on a blank section of it with the right mouse button and select “Taskbar Settings”. Once the Configuration menu appears, we must click on the “Personalization” that we find in the list of options on the left bar.

Windows turn Search on or off

Now, on the right side, we click on the section of “Taskbar”, to be able to access its configuration page. Later, within the section of elements of the task bar, we first find the section of “Seek”. It will only be necessary to click on the switch so that it changes to «Activated» or «Deactivated» as we are interested.

Using Registry Editor

The Windows registry is the place where all operating system configuration data is stored, along with the settings for installed applications. This makes the registry one of the most important and at the same time most sensitive tools in the Microsoft operating system. That is why from here we can make changes to the system such as being able to add or remove the search button from the taskbar.

To do this we are going to press the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to launch the Run command. Here we write regedit and press Enter or the OK button. Once in the registry it is convenient to make a backup copy in case something goes wrong we can restore it. Next, we will navigate to the following address:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Search

Registry add or remove Search button in Windows 11

Once here, in the right panel we locate the REG_WORD value called SearchboxTaskbarMode and we double click on it to access to be able to edit it. In the new window that appears, in the Value information field we place “1” if we want to show the search icon or we put the value at “0” if we want to hide it from the taskbar. Finally, click on Accept and we can see the changes applied instantly.

Show search bar on taskbar

In Windows 10 we had a search bar that was located on the left side of the taskbar, right next to the Start button. However, in the design change Windows 11 has significantly affected the taskbar and already does not allow to add any search bar no search box.

The search box has now been moved from the taskbar into the Start menu, so you’ll need to open the Start menu to click the search box and start typing or tap its icon. of magnifying glass that we can add to the toolbar, instead of the bar that we had available in Windows 10. It will not be possible to move this icon with the magnifying glass either because it will be fixed right next to the Start button.

Therefore, in Windows 11 the search bar that we had available in Windows 10 there is no longer the possibility of adding it back to the taskbar, so we will have to use the icon in the form of a magnifying glass or directly enter the menu of Start to be able to carry out the searches.

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