Sevillian entrepreneurs create a solution for the resale of tickets, with guarantees

Swap Your Travel is a Sevillian startup, supported by the Minerva Program of the Junta de Andalucía and Vodafone, which have developed a platform that puts travel sellers and buyers in contact. The goal is for the former to recover almost 100% of the money from their unused trips and the latter to obtain discounted prices. The solution accepts all existing modalities in the travel market: vouchers and/or plane tickets, train and even hotel reservations or vacation packages.

Currently, the resale of tickets or travel vouchers exists on digital bulletin boards but without any guarantee of security and sometimes, turn out to be scams. “The differential value of Swap Your Travel lies in the security of the transaction between both parties, in a simple way and all through the Internet”, indicates Ana González, CEO of the startup.

They ensure that the seller recovers part of the money he had invested in the trip and that the buyer receives the ticket with peace of mind and all current documentation, to take advantage of that trip that someone else was going to lose. The Swap Your Travel platform itself is responsible for helping and advising on the procedures and changes of ownership necessary to make the resale.

The idea came about when we lost travel money due to changes in plans or cancellations and we did not have any reimbursement from the airlines”, indicates the Swap Your Travel team, who want to follow in the footsteps of other collaborative economy platforms that work well and help create a more sustainable world, taking advantage of the resources that already exist. In the case of travel, it is estimated that in Spain alone there are 275 million travelers a year and there are many experiences of losing a trip for personal or professional reasons that sometimes entail a great financial loss for the user.

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The platform, born this same year 2022, has already transacted the first travel exchanges and is working to incorporate more security features, such as payment with user verification and online electronic signature. Its objective is to be a reference for the purchase and sale of valid trips, guaranteeing peace of mind to the seller. At the same time, they want to be an option for travelers looking for economic opportunities to travel, since they can offer tickets and vouchers up to 30% cheaper.

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