so they deceive you with false evidence

The new Radeon launches worldwide this week, and those lucky enough to get one early have already tested AMD’s new generation graphics cards under different games to see how they compete against NVIDIA’s RTX 4080. Which are their rivals if we take into account the proximity in prices and the fact that Lisa Su’s company specified it that way. Leaving the RTX 4090 alone at the top of the table. How do the RX 7900 perform against the RTX 4080? Or are they rather fake benchmarks?

During these days you will see a lot of performance tests faked on purpose in order to make the new generation of AMD graphics cards look better than they really are. An easy way to detect them is to observe how they are older, even than the sale and distribution of the cards itself. Although the media have received the units before the launch to analyze them, we are talking about even earlier dates.

Beware of fake graphics card benchmarks

We have to assume that normal people do not do these things, but there are soulless people with enough time and the necessary boredom to create false performance tests and show them in the form of a video with the aim of deceiving third parties when making the purchase. of a graphics card for your PC. Who are they usually? Well, especially fans of certain brands that tend to fill the internet first with false news to create excessive expectations about a future product. Then these same people and through accounts of acquaintances or secondary upload false benchmarks to cover their backs.

And how do we know that the benchmark images are fake? Well, you just have to see how the temperature in the case of the RTX 4080 is, according to them, more than 70 °C in some games. The problem of it? Most users of said graphics card They have problems getting it to reach 60 ° C. Even under the Boost speed it is difficult for the NVIDIA GPU to reach these temperatures, a fact that is usually unknown to most people, but which rates these benchmarks as false.

And with the false leakers who seek to deceive

Other types of techniques to deceive through social networks they are news leakers that give false informationusually to speak negatively about a product that is about to be released with the aim of creating FUD. That is to say, to provoke a doubt about a new product that we can buy with the excuse that a better one will come out after a short time. No company from its communication department is interested in stopping the flow of buyers at present. The reason? They are millionaire losses, accumulated inventory and two products competing with each other.

While it is true that new products are continually anticipated, what we are never going to see is any company saying the “our new product is rubbish, wait for the next one” thing. Well, the RX 7900 XTX and XT have not only received FUD in the form of fake benchmarks, but also fake tweets about the release of an improved version in order to create doubts about the purchase. The people who do this hide under social networks and the anonymity they provide allows them to be protected to carry out their deception.

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