Some files will soon be blocked by Firefox, for your safety

Like Google Chrome, Firefox wants to avoid situations where, on a secure web page, files that are not are displayed on the screen.

In the name of the safety of Internet users, Mozilla is planning some changes in its web browser. On BugZilla, which is the bug-tracking system for software that is promoted by the foundation, like Firefox, the XDA Developers site spotted on August 23 that the next version of the web browser will block the downloading of certain files, because they are not properly secured.

Restrict unsecured files on secure pages

Concretely, the measure targets what is called mixed content: these are elements that are loaded on the Internet user’s side without having been transmitted via the HTTPS encryption protocol, unlike the rest of the page. It could be videos, documents, sounds, images, scripts or whatever. If these are delivered in HTTP, that is to say without encryption, they will not be displayed.

Firefox Mozilla
This modification must be launched with the release of Firefox 92. // Source: Mozilla

If the Internet user goes to a page completely in HTTP, no blocking by Firefox will be supposed to take place: the measurement focuses on files that do not have the same level of security as the rest of the page. This lag can lead to cases of computer attack. It is for this reason that Google did the same with Chrome earlier this year.

According to the visuals shared by XDA Developers, it appears that the mechanism imagined by the company could be circumvented: warning inserts should present action buttons on the screen so that the Internet user is able to download the file anyway. implicated file. In this case, the individual will have been warned and it will be up to him to take his responsibilities.

Firefox 92, which is due to accommodate this feature, is expected on September 7th.

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