Some of the most expensive sneakers in the world are not from Nike or Adidas: they are made by Apple

Today in curious stories of sneakers We have one of those chronicles that both lovers of this item of clothing and fans of the apple house will like. But how is it possible that both concepts go hand in hand here? Pus because a couple of them have gone on sale sneakers very limited editionat a crazy price and that was created neither more nor less than by the factory of Cupertino.

Some shoes with a special history

Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers. That is the name that the British auction house Sotheby’s has given these special sneakers that you see in the image. As you can see, this pair lacks the logo of any well-known brand in the sector (such as Nike, Adidas or Converse, to name a few of the most popular) and only shows the logo of Manzana with the famous logo of the colorful bitten apple.

Just for this detail you can imagine that these shoes are special. And they certainly are. It is a model that Apple created exclusively for its employees in the 90s. Specifically, he had them manufactured to give them away during the National Sales Conference (a sales meeting) that the firm organized in the mid-90s.

Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers

Its design is very much in line with the house at that time, with the color white predominating in its entirety and displaying, as we indicated, the name of the house next to the logo of that time, a colorful bitten apple present both on the tongue and on the side.

Now a pair has gone up for sale at Sotheby’s auction house, where the price, as expected, has left everyone speechless.

$50,000 and like-new condition

The Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers have been placed in the Sotheby’s window with a $50,000 tag (which come to be at the current exchange rate, about 45 thousand euros at the exchange rate). They come with some extra red laces inside the box and their condition (which is crucial when buying second hand) is ‘new’.

Despite this, it must be taken into account that the mere passage of time has taken its toll on footwear, with a yellowing around the midsoles and some light marking on the toe boxes, the description states. Your number is a 10.5 man and once purchased they cannot be returned.

Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers

We doubt that anyone buys them to wear them every day being a relic of a similar caliber (and price), but just in case, keep in mind that their file indicates that due to the time they have they could deteriorate more easily and quickly with use.

So that you take it into account, it is that you are encouraged…

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