What is a strong password and why should you use it on your Wi-Fi network?

Using a strong password has become essential to keep our digital lives protected. This has a very simple explanation, and that is that the password is the equivalent of the key that allows us to open and close the door of our homea simile that we could transfer directly to our digital world.

I’m sure that you would not leave the door of the house open, TRUE? And I think that it would not seem like a good idea to use a lock that is very easy to break or to overcome, right? So why do you use insecure and easily cracked passwords? With this you are exposing your digital world and facilitating entry to intruders and cybercriminals, and The consequences can end up being very serious.

If we talk about Wi-Fi networks, the use of a secure password is important because it prevents intruders from entering. An insecure password can be very easy to crack, and if said password falls and intruders manage to sneak in, we could have serious problems. It was something that I suffered in my own flesh some time ago, and since then I have been very careful with all passwords.

What is a strong password?

First of all, it is important to be clear that the password method is not infallible, and that in the end the degree of protection they offer depends on other keys, such as not sharing it with people you don’t trust and the care we have when browsing the Internet.

We can consider as a secure password that that has not been listed as one of the most usedand which complies with a set of basic criteria that make it difficult to break:

  • It must be made up of numbers and letters.
  • You must mix case.
  • It is important that it contains at least two words, and that they do not make sense.
  • We have to include numbers and symbols.

secure password

To better understand what a secure password is, we are going to give concrete examples. «Horse!-minerO96»without the quotes, would be a strong password, and would also fit as such “HOUSE/BATY5”. They meet all the requirements we have given, and they do not make any sense, so it is impossible to deduce them from the user’s personal information.

On the other hand, things like “red house” or “brown horse”, and neither combinations of numbers that contain information that can be easily extracted from our social networks, or from any other easily accessible source. Forget to use your date of birth, the date of your anniversary or even your ID.

Why should I use strong passwords to protect my Wi-Fi network?

Because they are the best way to keep intruders out It is true that you can strengthen the security of your network using other measures, such as MAC filtering or disabling the public SSID, but in the end it is the password that matters. plays the role of “lock” that prevents unauthorized people from connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

If for any reason someone managed to enter your Wi-Fi network, you would not take long to notice, since they usually consume all your bandwidth and soon you will discover that your Internet connection is terribly wrong. To kick out these intruders you only have to change the password of your Wi-Fi network, something very simple that you can do through the interface of your router.

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