soon depth effects for wallpapers, thanks to AI

A new feature based on artificial intelligence is being tested on Windows 11. It applies depth effects to the background chosen for its desktop.

The Windows 11 home page on a laptop PC / Credit: 123rf

Microsoft is pushing artificial intelligence on its various products and services, and the latest version of its operating system is no exception, quite the contrary. Windows 11 takes full advantage of the advances of the Redmond firm in this area, and we were able to notice it during the last big update with the integration of Bing’s AI directly into the OS taskbar .

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is continuing its efforts and plans to deploy many other AI-related features in the future. And Albacore, well known for revealing options in advance during testing on Windows, discovered one of them. Supporting screenshot (see the tweet at the end of the article), it reveals a function called Depth effectswhich can be translated as “depth effects” in French.

Windows 11 will use AI to make your wallpapers more immersive

In a Preview version of Windows 11, we can find this new function in the section Background Of the game Personalization of the Settings. It appears disabled by default, and is accompanied by the following explanatory text: “When available, uses AI to add depth effects to background images”.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a preview of the changes applied to a wallpaper once this option is activated. It should help make the backgrounds more immersive, but we don’t know how much. We can expect blurring and emphasis of essential elements of a visual, but not certain. The mention the reference “When available” also lets suggest that not all types of wallpaper may be compatible with this feature.

The option should be deployed in Windows 11 via an update in the coming months. As a reminder, Windows 12 could be launched in the fall of 2024, and this version would be centered on experiences made possible by artificial intelligence.

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