Spanish couple arrested for escaping quarantine after visiting South Africa

On the night of this Sunday, November 28, a spanish couple was arrested after escaping from the hotel where the quarantine, this because they had visited South Africa where the new omicron variant emerged.

Authorities around the world have raised alerts to the new variant of Covid-19 which has been classified as a “very high” risk by the World Health Organization (who), therefore at airports the sanitary control is getting stronger, that is why they managed to capture a couple who were trying to escape from quarantine.

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Through social networks authorities of Netherlands reported that on Sunday night a couple had fled the hotel where they were quarantining after arriving from South Africa, but they managed to stop them on a flight that was about to take off.

Spanish media indicated that the passengers were identified as Carolina and Andrés, who arrived from a flight from Cape Town and in which 61 people gave positive to Covid-19, 13 of them to the new omicron variant.

The couple, who intended to fly to Barcelona, ​​were detained and placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Netherlands, which will determine what will happen to them, the police chief reported in an interview with El Periódico.

Covid-19 omicron variant

The World Health Organization reported that the first case of variant B.1.1.529, called omicron, was reported on November 24, 2021 and is characterized by having a large number of mutations, some of them worrying.

“The number of cases of this variant appears to be increasing in almost every province in South Africa (…) This variant has been detected at a faster rate than previous spikes in infection, suggesting that this variant may have an advantage of growth. ”, says the WHO.

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In a memorandum cited by the AP agency, the WHO notes that they persist “considerable uncertainties”On the omicron variant detected in southern Africa, although he indicated that the probability of contagion to other parts of the planet is high.


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