SSD memories compatible with PS5 that are on sale for Prime Day

If the internal memory of your PS5 is about to say enough due to the number of games you have installed, it is time for you to get the services of an SSD memory compatible with the console to increase the capacity of your library. Prime Day is full of offers with this type of memory, so we leave you with a complete list so that you can buy some of them.

Corsair MP600 Pro 2TB

SSD for PS5

A powerful memory with integrated heatsink that offers you write speeds of 6,800 MB/s and read speeds of 7,100 MB/s in M.2 2280 format. It is a fantastic price for a 2TB memory of these characteristics.

Offer for 136.99 euros.

WD Black SN850X 2TB

WD Black for PS5.

One of the most recommended models to use on PS5, since it has official PlayStation certification. It reaches up to 7,300 MB/s in readings, and its heatsink is responsible for keeping the unit at stable temperatures.

Offer for 142.49 euros.

SK Hynix Platinum P41 2TB

SSD for PS5

This model is not directly compatible with PS5, since it does not have an integrated heatsink, but taking into account its price, surely many will test its performance and, in case of errors, it will suffice to place an extra heatsink like the ones we show you. next.

Offer for 99.99 euros.

Silicon Power XS70 1TB

SSD for PS5

A very interestingly priced 1TB unit that has a large heatsink to avoid temperature problems. It reaches 7,300 MB/s read, and it is a drive with M.2 2280 format.

Offer for 84.99 euros.

Lexar NM800 Pro

2TB M.2 2280 memory with integrated Lexar brand heatsink. Up to 7,500 MB/s reading and 6,500 MB/s writing, perfectly compatible with PS5.

Offer for 159.98 euros.

Heatsinks for NVMe memories

If you have chosen to buy a memory without a heatsink, we strongly recommend that you use them, since Sony recommends memories with this type of thermal solution to avoid problems. Taking into account the speeds offered by the memories, and the heat generated by the console itself, this type of solution is highly recommended.

These are some models that you could buy separately:

  • Sabrent heatsink by €21.24.
  • One Enjoy heatsink with thermal pad by €12.99.
  • Sabrent Heatsink with Thermal Pad for PS5 by €21.24.

What does a memory need to be compatible with PS5?

For an SSD memory to work correctly in a PS5 it must meet these basic requirements:

  • Be an M.2 NVMe Gen 4 type memory.
  • Maximum size 2280.
  • Have an integrated heatsink.

If these three requirements are met, the memory is perfectly compatible with the console and you will be able to install games without problems and run them from said memory without experiencing load delay.

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