Steam Deck delays its launch until February 2022

Originally scheduled to begin shipping in December 2021, about a month ago we saw how Steam began to perform some changes to the displayed date of Steam Deck reservations, predicting a small delay that would take the launch of this console or mini computer until next year. However, it was not until yesterday that users began to receive the company’s official email to communicate the delay of this device until February 2022.

Although it is not an excessively long delay, without really affecting the fact of skipping the Christmas period when it comes to the delivery of pre-purchased units, the real problem lies in the nature of this decision. And it is that after the problems of graphics cards, the staggered launch of the new generation of consoles, or the most recent delay or elimination of smartphone models, the current global crisis of the semiconductor supply chain has reached a new sector.

In addition to the mail itself to users, Steam has also wanted to issue a small public statement for the rest of users interested in the Steam Deck, specifying that this new window of shipping dates is based on their «updated build estimates«.

Steam Deck delay 2022

«Due to the shortage of materials, our factories are not receiving the components in time to meet the initially planned release dates. According to our new calculations, Steam Deck shipments will begin in February 2022, as will the pre-order queue. You will not lose your position, but the dates will be delayed based on these changes. Projected booking dates will be updated shortly after this announcement«, You can read in the messages of the company,«Once again, we are sorry that we cannot meet the original shipping dates. We will continue to strive to improve the reservation dates based on the new schedule and we will keep you informed of any news«.

So, if like this one, you are one of those who pre-ordered from the Steam Deck, you can currently check the updated availability estimate for your order by going to the Steam Deck page on both the web or desktop application.

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